Cigarette prices will increase from 2 February 2024: here's how much and which brands

Cigarette prices are increasing: starting from 2 February 2024, tobacco sales prices have been updated with the publication of Directorial Determination 61962/RU of the Customs and Monopolies Agency on 31 January.
This is nothing new, because the increase in cigarette prices had already been announced in recent weeks: the reference standard is contained in the 2024 budget law.
The announcement was published on the ADM website, together with the table with the final price of the packs of cigarettes including the increase.
Specifically, the fixed amount per unit of product is increasing.
Cigarettes, price increase 2 February 2024 The Budget law provides for the increase in cigarette prices.
As anticipated, the increase concerns the fixed amount per unit of product, which goes from 20.20 to 29.30 euros per 1,000 cigarettes.
The intervention of the Budget law does not only concern cigarettes but also: cigars; snuff; chewing tobacco; pipe tobacco; inhaling tobacco; shredded tobacco for cigarettes; cigarillos.
Cigarette price increase: how much will a pack cost? After the increase last February, the Budget law once again raised the so-called "specific" excise duty on smoking, which in reality, it must be specified, is among the lowest in Europe.
On the website of the Italian Tobacconists Federation it is announced: "We inform you that the products listed in the PRICE LIST, already published on the website of the Customs and Monopolies Agency (, will undergo a tariff change which will come into force from 2 February 2024.
It should be noted that, as of today, limited to the brands subject to the tariff change, Cash & Carry sales and supplementary collections (extraordinary and urgent) for which a request was made on the same day today are prohibited .".
We leave attached the tables of the Monopolies and Customs Agency so that you can consult the final price of the packages or smoking products of your own brand.
What does the price of cigarettes depend on? What does the price of cigarettes consist of? 10% is the retailer's fee, that is, what the tobacconist takes by law, gross.
Then VAT and excise duties must be calculated, which reach approximately 78%, and finally industrial distribution.

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