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Pay slip for public employees, here's when the new Irpef kicks in (and increases the salary)

As usually happens, Noipa needs time to adapt the systems for calculating the salaries of public employees to legislative changes.
It happened for example with the contribution relief of 6/ or 7% depending on the size of the salary and the same will be for the application of the new rules for calculating Irpef on the pay slip as provided for by the latest Budget law (and for currently in force only for the year 2024).
To date, in fact, the IRPEF calculated on the rules in force in 2023 is withheld from the payslip, and the same will be for the next payment.
There are public employees, therefore, who are paying more taxes than they actually owe.
However, as we have learned in these hours, we will not have to wait much longer: the adjustment of taxation, with the relative application of the new deductions from employee work, is scheduled for the March 2024 payslip.
Public employee pay slips for March 2024, the new rates With the Noipa payslip for March 2024, the Irpef rates are updated as modified by the recent tax reform which only for 2024 (at least for the moment) reduces the brackets from four to three, setting the portion of income between 15 thousand and 28 thousand euros an Irpef percentage of 23% (instead of 25%).
The new rates, which take effect from 1 January 2024, are therefore as follows: 23% for the first 15 thousand euros of income; 23% (and no longer 25%) also for the part between 15,001 and 28 thousand euros of income; 35% for the part between 28,001 and 50 thousand euros; 43% for the part that exceeds 50 thousand euros.
In fact, the result will be a saving of 2%, which will be paid into the paycheck, for the part of income included in this threshold, for a maximum of 260 euros per year (20 euros per month) for those who earn at least 28 thousand euros per year.
For everyone else, however, the new Irpef will bring an advantage that we can summarize as follows: Gross annual salary amount Gross monthly salary amount Monthly Irpef savings between 2023 and 2024 Annual Irpef savings between 2023 and 2024 Up to 15 thousand euros Up to 1,153 euro — — 15,600 1,200 euro 0.92 euro 12 euro 18,200 1,400 euro 4.92 euro 64 euro 20,800 1,600 euro 8.92 euro 116 euro 23,400 1,800 euro 12.92 euro 168 euro 26,000 2,000 euro 16.92 euros 220 euros 28,000 2,153 euros and above 20 euros 260 euros In this regard, Noipa sources tell us that for this adjustment, with relative increase in salary for those who enjoy the advantages of the tax reform, we will have to wait until March 2024, when at the same time there should also be the adjustment with the repayment of arrears for those who have paid more in recent months.
Changes to deductions are also coming.
At the same time, deductions are also being reviewed: in fact, it is worth mentioning the transition to a no-tax area of 8,500 euros also for salaries, with a deduction for income from employment that goes from 1,880 euros to 1,955 euros per year for incomes below 15 thousand euros (1,153 euros per month).
read also Pay slip up to 1,150 euros, net salary increases: by how much and why There is also a revision of the deductions for those with a gross annual salary exceeding 50 thousand euros, as the legislator has canceled the effect of the lower Irpef due for the part between 15 and 28 thousand.
On the tax side, therefore, above 50 thousand euros per year there are no differences compared to 2023.
However, the requirements for being entitled to the supplementary treatment (ex Renzi bonus) of 100 euros remain unchanged, due to those within the threshold between 8,174 and 15 thousand euros.
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