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Navy public competition, the call for 1,750 places: places, requirements and tests

The competition notice has been published for 1,750 Volunteers on an initial fixed term in the Navy.
Of these, 1,300 are destined for the Maritime Military Crew Corps (CEMM), the remaining 400 for the Port Authorities (CP).
The competition includes 4 embeddings.
The first, scheduled for April 2024 for the first 500 classified in the general merit ranking: 370 for CEMM and 130 for CP.
The second incorporation scheduled for September 2024 for 499 people, the third for November 2024 for 481 competitors inserted and finally the fourth and final incorporation scheduled for January 2025 for the remaining 270 competitors.
It is not possible to participate in the competition for more than one employment sector, not even by submitting separate applications.
To send your application you have until November 22, 2023 via the online procedure.
Let's see what the requirements and phases of the competition are.
Navy public competition: requirements and how to apply In order to participate in the competition for volunteers in the Navy, in addition to the classic requirements such as Italian citizenship, enjoyment of civil and political rights, absence of convictions, you must be at least 18 years old and not have exceeded the age of 24 ° year of age as well as obviously having a lower secondary school diploma (middle school).
Furthermore, it will be necessary to have physical-psycho-attitudinal suitability for recruitment into the Armed Forces as a Volunteer in permanent service and it will be necessary to test negative for diagnostic tests for alcohol abuse and for the use, even sporadic or occasional, of narcotic substances as well as for the use of psychotropic substances for non-therapeutic purposes.
You have until November 22nd to apply and this must be sent from the online competition portal of the Ministry of Defence.
To access the competition you need to have Spid, CIE or CNS credentials.
Once logged in, candidates must complete the application by entering their personal details, report possession of qualifications and indicate their liking to be part of one of the employment sectors indicated.
Phases of Recruitment Recruitment will take place through various phases.
The first obviously is that of submitting the application.
Then there will be the evaluation of the merit qualifications and the ranking will be formed.
Once the ranking has been approved, the candidates placed in a useful position will be called to carry out the following selection phases: if you are competing for the CEMM naval and CP employment sector, you will participate in a single phase including psycho-physical and aptitude checks; if you compete for the sectors of use of raiders, underwater components, amphibians, submariners, aircraft components and maritime rescuers, you will participate in the following phases: a first phase of psycho-physical and aptitude assessments and physical efficiency tests, a second phase of further specific psycho-physical tests.
Once this has been done, the definitive merit rankings for each of the sectors will be drawn up and approved and the candidates declared suitable for the psycho-physical and aptitude tests and any physical efficiency tests will be called and incorporated and usefully placed in the rankings of definitive merit.
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