Rivalutazione delle pensioni

Disability pensions, December increase official. The INPS circular with the new amounts

With message 4050 of 2023, INPS made official the completion of the procedures for the adjustment of the revaluation that Decree no.
145 of 18 October 2023 anticipates from January 2024 to December 2023.
With this operation the INPS recalculates the amount of all pensions, including disability pensions as well as the social allowance, adding a further 0.8% to the updated value in December 2022.
In the specific case of civil disability pensions, the update concerns not only the amounts but also the income limits to benefit from them, revaluing everything at 8.1% – and not 7.3% – adapting it thus to the definitive inflation rate ascertained by Istat for 2022.
In this regard, with the December payment an increased monthly installment will be recognized, as well as the thirteenth: and at the same time, since the new amount takes effect from January 2023 , you are also entitled to a check with the arrears for 11 months.
How civil disability pensions will change from December 2023 As indicated in INPS message no.
4050/2023 (which you find in the attachment), also for pensions for disabled, blind and deaf civilians, the amount benefits from an adjustment with which a further 0.8% is added to the value of the treatment updated in December 2022 (the revaluation is partial for checks that exceed the minimum treatment by 4 times, but obviously this is not the case).
This means that the amounts, as well as the income limits to benefit from them which however have not yet been made official by the INPS, increase by a few euros, as indicated in the following table: Treatment Provisional amount 2023 Definitive amount 2023 Civil disability pension 313.91 euros 316.25 euros Absolutely blind hospitalized or partially blind 313.91 euros 316.25 euros Absolutely blind not hospitalized 342.01 euros 339.48 euros Deaf 313.91 euros 316.25 euros In fact there will be an increase of just 2.34 euro for civil disability recipients, who at the same time will benefit from a check of around 25 euros with which the arrears relating to the past 11 months are recovered.
2.53 euros more, however, for the absolutely blind who are not hospitalized, for whom the arrears therefore amount to 27.83 euros.
In this regard, INPS has specified that only the main benefits have been re-evaluated with the exclusion of the social increase.
However, the allowances, such as the accompanying one, are not subject to adjustment – as they are definitively revalued with the renewal operations for the year 2023.
Increase also for social allowance and minimum pension With the adjustment the value of the social allowance also increases as well as the minimum pension.
In detail, for the social allowance, until today equal to 503.27 euros, there is an increase of 3.76 euros which brings it to 507.03 euros.
A check for around 41 euros in arrears is arriving.
The amount of the minimum treatment instead rises to 567.94 euros, compared to the current 563.74 euros, a threshold below which an additional increase of 1.5% is also due (which rises to 2.7% from 2024 ) or 6.7% in the case of those aged 75 or over.

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