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Citizenship income paid in advance, INPS confirmation: the new dates

As we at had anticipated, it is very likely that in December, the last month of payment, the arrival of the citizen's income will be brought forward by a few days.
In these hours, in fact, the first confirmations regarding this hypothesis have arrived: it was the general director of the INPS, Vincenzo Caridi, who spoke about it, who in an interview given to Repubblica provided a first indication of when the payments of the Citizenship income for December, as well as revealing the date on which you can apply for the new inclusion allowance.
In detail, the general director of the Institute focused on those families who returned to receiving the citizen's income after the stop, i.e.
those families who, following the suspension which began after the 7th month of receiving it, were taken into care from social services.
However, Caridi's words should have a broader meaning, addressing the entire audience of current recipients: in this regard, here is what the December citizenship income payment date could be this year.
read also Citizenship income, how much money is lost with the inclusion allowance Citizenship income, the last payment in December In December there will be 700 thousand families who will be entitled to citizenship income, including around 48 thousand "fished out" among those who had been stopped after 7 months of receiving money but who were subsequently taken into care by social services as they were "unemployable".
A number that has fallen significantly compared to a few months ago and not only as a result of the trap introduced by the Meloni government which removed it after 7 months from families without minors, disabled people or members over sixty.
As explained by Caridi, in total 34 billion euros were spent on the RDC for an average monthly amount of 540 euros per family.
The spending peak was reached in 2021 when 8.8 billion were spent by 1.3 million families: this number was then reduced with the recovery of the economy after the terrible Covid period, so much so that more and more people of working age have stopped enjoying it.
After that, there was a halt due to the innovations introduced by the 2023 budget law, with a crackdown that involved a total of 190 thousand families starting from July: of these, however, 48 thousand returned because they were taken care of by social services.
Arrival of arrears and payment of the December citizenship income.
In this regard, Vincenzo Caridi explained that from Monday 11 December the INPS will pay all the arrears to those who have not enjoyed the citizenship income for the entire last period because it was suspended, a obviously provided that in the meantime they have activated the inclusion pact with social services (for which there was time until November 30th).
Already next week, therefore, they will receive what was not paid during the months of suspension, while after a few days there will be the payment of the monthly salary relating to December.
As confirmed by Caridi, in fact, the December top-up will arrive "starting from December 21st": exactly the date that we at had anticipated, thus demonstrating that the rumors reported were more than reliable.
Most likely, therefore, it will not be necessary to wait until the 27th of the month for the payment of the Citizenship Income: as had already happened in the first year in which the measure was introduced, this time too the government wanted to give a welcome "gift" to the recipients who will be able to enjoy the benefit in time to make purchases for the Christmas period.

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