George Soros Funding Anti-Israel Protests: The Theory Explained

George Soros and Conspiracy Theories

Behind every major change, there must be a dark force.
According to many conspiracy theories, society is unable to self-regulate, people lack an internal drive, and movements don’t tend to protest against injustices or for a cause out of awareness.
No, behind it all is George Soros or, alternatively, another wealthy entrepreneur, tycoon, philanthropist (preferably Jewish).

Understanding George Soros

George Soros is often blamed for every tragedy, often born online.
There are thousands of Reddit discussions revolving around “Conspiracy” and one of the world’s richest men.
How did this happen?

Soros was born in Budapest to a Jewish family.
During the Nazi occupation of Hungary, his family managed to obtain documents identifying them as Christians.
In 1947, he emigrated to the UK and studied Economics, marking the beginning of his financial career.

Delving into Soros’s life would be impossible in this space, but suffice it to say that he became very wealthy through investments and monetary speculations.
It was his actions against the British pound and the Italian lira that grew the idea of him being a puppeteer capable of controlling a state’s fate.
Involvement in politics and interest in rights sealed his reputation, making him either a crisis mastermind or the creator of political correctness, spearheading a New World Order and financing peace movements.
Conspiracy circles found in him the perfect scapegoat for all evils.

Soros and the Pro-Palestine Protests

The Open Society Foundation, led by George Soros, has been under scrutiny.
The New York Post revealed that since 2016, the philanthropist has donated $15 million to groups openly against genocide and advocating for Palestinian rights.
While the narrative attempts to paint the protesters at pro-Palestine rallies as supporters of Hamas’s attacks, the reality is that these funds have supported human rights for Palestinians oppressed by Israeli colonial violence.

The Alleged Conspiracy

Claims that Soros supports the pro-Palestine protests to divert attention from Israel’s actions or is pro-Hamas are met with a mix of truth and distortion.
Soros’s foundation backs groups advocating for Arab minority rights in Israel, not anti-Israeli sentiments.
While accusations fly, Soros continues to fund pro-Palestine groups despite the smear campaign against him.

Unraveling the Conspiracy Theories

Allegations from Israeli ministers like Amichai Chikli against Soros as an enemy of the Jewish people and a manipulator aim to shift focus from the ongoing Palestinian crisis.
However, the truth lies in the initiatives supported by Soros, aiming for human rights and justice amidst the turmoil.

Dispelling Conspiracies

Meticulously examining tent brands and student activism reveals not a conspiracy but dedicated organization and respect for human rights causes.
The narrative spun by conspiracy circles can distort reality, but a closer look reveals efforts towards justice and equality, not malevolent schemes.

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