The best film schools in Italy to study as an actor

Becoming a successful actor in the world of cinema is the dream of many people.
Although we know that by definition the profession of an actor is one of the most sought after as well as one of the most difficult to obtain, this does not mean you have to give up your dream.
And if the road to becoming an actor (or actress) can be full of obstacles, you shouldn't let yourself be discouraged, after all, unlike what you might believe, the stories of actors chosen without training only for the phisique du role (the physical characteristics of the character).
In fact, in addition to skill or talent, you need to have a certain dedication as well as a good dose of luck and opportunity.
Behind the great actors and actresses of theater and cinema hide years of study and constant training and improvement.
And the best place to perfect yourself are film schools and, considering your resources and opportunities, it is best to choose the best ones to be able to work with the greatest teachers.
But what are the best film schools in Italy? Below we have selected the best: here's what they are and where they are located.
Best film schools in Italy Gian Maria Volontè (Rome) Experimental cinematography center (Rome) Griffith Academy of Cinema and Television (Rome) Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti (Milan) SDAC, School of Cinematographic Arts (Genoa) National School of Independent Cinema (Florence) National Film Academy (Bologna) Gian Maria Volontè (Rome) Gian Maria Volontè is one of the best public schools in Rome to study cinema.
The school, dedicated to one of the greatest actors on the Italian cinema scene, was established in 2011 and guarantees excellent preparation on both a practical and theoretical level.
To access it you must participate in a public tender.
The school makes use of a technical-scientific committee chaired by the actor Valerio Mastandrea.
Other very famous names are also part of the same committee: directors such as Francesca Comencini, Ettore Scola, Daniele Vicari and Giuliano Montaldo, actors such as Elio Germano, Alba Rohrwacher and many others.
The school offers three-year courses in directing, screenwriting, production organisation, acting, direction of photography, set design, cinematographic costume design, filming, sound editing and mixing, scene editing and visual effects design.
Experimental Center of Cinematography (Rome) One of the most renowned schools, active for more than eighty years, the Experimental Center makes use of the teachings of expert teachers in the sector such as: Franco Bernini (screenplay), Stefano Campus (sound), Francesco Frigeri ( scenography), Giuseppe Lanci (photography), Daniele Luchetti (direction), Giancarlo Giannini (acting), Domenico Maselli (production), Maurizio Millenotti (costume) and Roberto Perpignani (editing).
The courses, which have a limited number of places and with compulsory attendance, include theoretical lessons and specific teachings.
There are also four separate locations in Abruzzo, Lombardy, Piedmont and Sicily and specific courses are held in each of these.
The students carry out numerous exercises, first on video, then on 35mm film, which result in the creation of short films produced together with RAI Cinema, Medusa Film and Istituto LUCE.
Griffith Film and Television Academy (Rome) The Griffith Academy, founded in 2000 by the production company Hiram srl, has acquired enormous prestige in a short time.
Among the teachers, international professionals, there are: Daniele Ciprì, Alessio Doglione, Alberto Crespi and Cristina Borsatti.
The academy offers one of the best educational offerings in the country, based on practice and therefore perfect for those looking for highly professional courses.
The courses are divided into annual and bimonthly courses and are designed with compulsory attendance and numerous hours of practice, proving to be highly professional.
Finally, the Academy offers the possibility of participating in internships and proposes short films made within the school at film festivals.
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The school offers a complete training with three-year courses in which the first year is multidisciplinary while the second and third follow specific specializations from direction to screenplay, from animation to photography and many others.
The school is private, therefore it may have higher costs than other schools but it takes into account the income of the students.
It can be accessed after passing the admission test.
SDAC, School of Cinematographic Arts (Genoa) The School of Cinematographic Arts of Genoa has been one of the points of reference for Northern Italy since 1993.
As with other schools, lessons are divided into practice and theory.
There are numerous courses that start in different months.
The courses cover many areas of film production, such as direction, camera operator, photography for cinema, editing, screenplay, sound engineer, television direction, soundtracks and special effects.
National School of Independent Cinema (Florence) The National School of Independent Cinema of Florence has become another point of reference in the Italian panorama since 1999, dealing with professional training in the cinema sector.
The courses are practical, aimed at job placement with internships at the main companies in the sector, film sets, TV broadcasters and entertainment agencies.
Having been in contact with the main national film and television productions for many years now, he can include some students on the main sets such as Fast and furious 10.
National Academy of Cinema (Bologna) The National Academy of Cinema was founded in Bologna in 1986 and finds located in a historic building in the city center.
The school offers annual courses divided for multiple professional figures in the field of direction and screenplay, filming and editing, sound technician, make-up and dubbing.
The school offers theoretical and practical lessons which are held weekly on weekends, allowing even those who work full time to attend the courses.
The real strength of the academy is its international program, organizing masters in the United States at UCLA in Los Angeles and TEMPTU in New York.
Now that the best cinema schools in Italy have been illustrated, all that remains is to choose the one that best meets your needs and cross your fingers to start a long journey that could one day lead to the big screen.
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