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Transport bonus, it's not over: who can apply on December 1st

The race for bonuses for public transport season tickets made available by the Ministry of Transport was announced and expected.
The result of the initiative was almost as obvious: the financial funds were exhausted before being able to satisfy all the bonus applicants.
In fact, there were numerous people who, despite having connected at 8 in the morning on November 1st, were unable to access the bonus as demand once again exceeded the Government's offer.
And if it is true that the funds for the voucher up to 60 euros have run out again, it is also true that another time window will open on 1 December 2023 for those who are left without the bonus, being able to apply again, with the hope time to get it, so you can reduce the cost of public transport.
But some things have changed.
In fact, the Government has narrowed the pool of potential beneficiaries by changing the requirements.
It is therefore appropriate to clarify, explaining not only which and how many funds will be available for 1 December but, above all, who will be able to request the bonus.
Below is everything you need to know about it.
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When and why will it be possible to apply for the transport bonus again? It was obvious that the funds for the November transport bonus would also run out in a very short time.
From 1 November 2023, in fact, it was possible to request a voucher of up to 60 euros for the purchase of a monthly pass, valid for several months, or annual in many cities, but as expected the demand was higher than the resources available, leaving many people dissatisfied.
But those who are left without a bonus need not fear, they will be able to try to request the bonus again in a few weeks: on 1 December 2023.
The bonus, as is now known, must be used within the calendar month of issue for the purchase of a subscription.
Subscription whose validity, however, may also begin in a period subsequent to that in which the voucher is issued.
But why will a new application window open on December 1st? From what source will the government draw to generate new transport bonuses? In reality the answer is quite intuitive.
The new bonuses will draw on any residual funds generated by the failure to use bonuses released in November 2023.
The funds will therefore be made available for new applications starting from 8:00 am on 1 December 2023, as reported today the website of the Ministry of Transport.
Also in this case the platform will remain active until the financial resources are exhausted.
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In fact, the Meloni government has applied further restrictions to the beneficiaries' requirements, narrowing the pool of users who can apply.
If previously the income threshold to be entitled to the benefit was set at 35 thousand euros, now natural persons with an income of up to 20 thousand euros will be able to apply.
The transport bonus, it is worth remembering, is nominative and can be used for the purchase of a single annual or monthly season ticket for local, regional, interregional or national rail transport.
It can be requested for oneself or for a dependent minor.
To make a request it is necessary to: indicate the name of the beneficiary; indicate the tax code of the same: tick the self-declaration relating to the ISEE.
The bonus will be active, also in this case, until the financial resources are exhausted.
The funds will be allocated in chronological order of the arrival of the application: speed turns out to be a determining and fundamental factor in accessing the bonus.
We therefore expect another rush for the bonus also for this December 2023 with all the related problems such as the system being blocked and hours of waiting.

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