These Debit Cards are No Longer Working. Here’s What You Need to Do

The End of Maestro Cards

Maestro cards are destined to disappear forever, as confirmed last year by its owner, Mastercard.
In their place, starting from July 1, 2023, Mastercard products are now being issued, from new cards to renewals and replacements.

Goodbye to Maestro Card Circuit

The discontinuation of the Maestro card circuit was already known, announced back in 2021.
Since July 1 of last year, Mastercard revealed that it would stop issuing cards of this type, after 30 years since their inception.
They are now being replaced by the Debit Mastercard circuit.

The reason behind this decision lies in the boom of e-commerce and the related increase in online purchases.
Maestro cards, lacking the CVV code on the back, could not be used in the most modern online payment forms, making them effectively obsolete.

European banks have had to adapt accordingly.
In theory, the most recent Maestro cards issued in June 2023, just before the halt, should expire in 2027.

However, in recent weeks, many customers still holding Maestro cards have been receiving communications from their banks, warning that soon these cards will no longer be usable “following the discontinuation of the Maestro circuit by Mastercard.”

What to Do If You Have a Maestro Card

As Maestro cards in circulation reach their expiration dates, cardholders will receive a notice from their bank, which takes care of issuing a new one.

Alternatively, savers can actively request a new card, choosing between the Mastercard and Visa circuits, according to the bank’s provisions.
With Mastercard and Visa, it is possible to pay at over 100 million sales points, online and in physical stores.
In other words, in double the number of “places” compared to Maestro.

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