The Economic and Political Implications of Winning Eurovision 2024

What is the Prize for the Winner of Eurovision 2024?

As we approach the 68th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, set to take place in Sweden at the Malmö Arena in Malmö, many are wondering what the winner will receive.
Over the years, the prizes for the Eurovision winner have evolved.
Since 2008, the victorious artist is awarded the iconic glass microphone trophy.
This unique trophy is custom-designed specifically for the Eurovision Song Contest, captivating tens of millions of viewers across Europe and beyond each year.

Representing Italy at Eurovision 2024 will be Angelina Mango, the fresh winner of the latest Sanremo Festival with her song “La Noia.” In this year’s edition, 37 countries will compete for the coveted trophy, a handcrafted piece of art shaped like a classic microphone made of transparent glass with sandblasted and painted details.

Contrary to common belief, the Eurovision winner does not receive a cash prize.
Instead, they get the honor of performing once more and taking home the prestigious glass microphone trophy.
Additionally, the winning country traditionally earns the right to host the following year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Although there is no monetary reward, winning Eurovision brings immense popularity to the artist across Europe, leading to a boost in the sales of their singles and albums.
The contest has served as a launchpad for numerous globally renowned artists like ABBA and Celine Dion, who became the third wealthiest female musician in the world according to Forbes, with an estimated net worth of $450 million in 2019.

Furthermore, the Eurovision winner’s songwriters and composers also receive smaller replicas of the trophy.
A “mother trophy” with a generic Eurovision Song Contest logo is typically displayed in the European Broadcasting Union’s reception area.

In the case of Eurovision 2024, the Croatian artist Baby Lasagna is a top contender, with Angelina Mango closely following in the bookmakers’ preferences.
Eurovision remains not only a prestigious music competition but also a platform that launches artists into international stardom.

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