The end of an era in Italy and across Europe. Goodbye to these cards, “no longer meet the requirements”

Say Goodbye to Maestro Cards: The End of an Era

If you have a card with this logo, there is nothing left to do: it’s going to stop working and disappear from circulation, in Italy as well as in the rest of Europe.

If you haven’t noticed this symbol on your debit card when it was first issued by your bank, you’re in good company.
It’s the Maestro logo, launched in 1991, known for its rapid ascendancy in the banking sector in the following years as it allowed for secure payments in various European countries.
However, if you received a new card after the summer of 2023, you would notice that the two typical circles – one red and one blue – no longer appear on your card.

This is not a mistake but the end of an era.

The Decision Behind the Farewell

It was Mastercard, the company issuing Maestro cards, that made the decision, officially announced last year.
Starting from July 1, 2023, the service is no longer renewed, progressively disappearing from the market with the replacement of 100 million cards across Europe.

The reason? The Maestro card was designed for physical stores and no longer met the needs of the digital age.
It was therefore impossible to make online payments as it lacks the CVC code generally required for these transactions.

The Transition Process

Practically speaking, since last summer, the major Italian banks have been replacing Maestro debit cards with Mastercard circuit cards.
With this new system, it is easier to pay online, use your card internationally (Maestro cards only worked in Europe), benefit from increased security, and enjoy the convenience of the CVC code.

The mandatory transition process will be completed by the end of 2028.
But there’s no need to panic.
Maestro cardholders don’t need to do anything; they will receive a new card in due course, i.e., when their current one expires.
If, however, you wish to replace your card earlier, you can simply request it from your bank.

Until then, the non-expired Maestro cards will remain active.
Before disappearing forever.

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