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Joint Account Holders at Risk of Tax Audit

The Benefits of Joint Bank Accounts

A joint bank account is a convenient way for individuals to share money and expenses.
It is commonly used by couples to manage household finances or by parents and children for support.
Typically, funds in a joint account are considered equally owned by each account holder, unless specified otherwise.

Ownership of Funds in Joint Accounts

It is presumed that each account holder owns 50% of the funds in a joint bank account.
However, this presumption can be modified by mutual agreement or by providing evidence of a different ownership arrangement.
This presumption applies regardless of the source of the funds deposited, even if contributed by only one account holder.

For example, in cases where one spouse is the sole breadwinner, it is assumed that all deposits made into the joint account are considered gifts to the other spouse, encompassing 50% ownership.
Both account holders and tax authorities can present evidence regarding fund ownership.

Tax Investigations on Joint Bank Accounts

A recent ruling by the Court of Cassation in Italy has simplified the burden of proof for tax authorities concerning the ownership of funds in joint bank accounts.
The court determined that if one account holder deposits and withdraws funds using the account, tax authorities can attribute full ownership to that individual for tax purposes.

This ruling particularly targets professionals and businesses using joint accounts to evade taxes by attributing income to the co-account holder.
While this simplifies tax investigations, honest account holders can demonstrate legitimate fund usage for shared expenses to avoid tax evasion allegations.

It is crucial for both account holders to declare their respective incomes and ensure transparency in fund transactions to avoid tax issues.
Proper documentation of income sources and tax declarations is essential when using joint bank accounts to manage shared expenses.

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