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How is Kate Middleton, the rumors about the health of the Princess of Wales

Kate Middleton is currently hospitalized at the London Clinic following abdominal surgery on January 16.
The Princess of Wales is expected to be discharged towards the end of the month and plans to resume her court duties after Easter.
Prince Harry appears to ignore news about Kate's health as he continues with his public engagements.
A royal family attitude.
There is talk of a delicate operation, perhaps a hysterectomy or acute diverticulitis.
Kate is recovering well, but no official medical bulletins have been released.
King Charles also has to undergo an operation and despite the reassurances, there is a sense of alarm in London over the health conditions of the Princess of Wales and the new King.
Why Kate Middleton had surgery: hypothesis diverticulitis and hysterectomy The United Kingdom trembles and speculates what happened to Kate Middleton.
Among the different hypotheses there are: diverticulitis and hysterectomy.
But what are they? Diverticulitis is an inflammatory condition that affects the diverticula, small pockets that can develop on the inside wall of the colon (large intestine).
These diverticula can form when portions of the colon wall push outward through weak spots in the intestinal musculature.
Diverticulitis occurs when one of these diverticula becomes inflamed or infected.
The exact causes of diverticulitis are not always clear, but it is thought that pressure within the colon and the presence of feces in the pockets of the diverticula may contribute to the development of the inflammation.
The condition is often associated with diverticulosis, which is the presence of diverticula in the colon without symptoms of inflammation.
Symptoms of diverticulitis may include: abdominal pain, usually in the lower left side fever nausea vomiting changes in bowel movements abdominal tenderness.
read also How much did the coronation of King Charles III cost? Why Kate Middleton had surgery: hysterectomy hypothesis Hysterectomy is a surgical operation in which the uterus is removed from the pelvic cavity.
This procedure may involve total or partial removal of the uterus and may also involve the removal of the fallopian tubes and ovaries.
There are several reasons for a hysterectomy, including: uterine problems – such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis, or other conditions affecting the uterus; uterine cancer – in the presence of malignant tumors in the uterus; uterine prolapse – when the uterus moves from its usual position in the pelvic cavity; bleeding disorders – in case of excessive uterine bleeding that does not respond to other treatments.
chronic painful conditions – when chronic pain is associated with uterine problems.
How is Kate Middleton: commitments after Easter Princess Kate Middleton is at the center of media attention due to a scheduled operation, the severity of which can be deduced from the prolonged hospitalization of two weeks and the subsequent convalescence announced by Kensington Palace.
Since there is no official communication on his health, the British tabloids put forward hypotheses about possible illnesses.
CBS royal correspondent Amanda Foreman proposes the hypothesis of a hysterectomy, perhaps linked to past pregnancies, while the Daily Mail suggests appendicitis or gallstones.
Due to her health condition, Kate Middleton will not participate in public engagements at least until after the Easter holidays.
He has already announced his apologies for missing the Baftas in February and the Commonwealth Ceremony in March.
The prospect of participating in the traditional Easter mass gathering is uncertain.

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