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Xiaomi and Samsung Smartphones Found to Have High Levels of Radiation: The Complete List

Smartphone Radiation Levels: What You Need to Know

Some smartphones produce higher levels of radiation compared to others, as highlighted in the latest report by Stocklytics.
Among these devices, certain models from Xiaomi and Samsung stand out, but it’s essential not to make generalizations.
In fact, these same manufacturers also offer smartphones with the lowest radiation levels.
The key factor lies in the specific model, which is why a comprehensive list of these devices and their radiation data is provided below.
However, it’s crucial to remember that all the technological devices we interact with daily emit electromagnetic radiation and undergo rigorous testing to prevent harm to our bodies.

The Risks of Prolonged Exposure to Radiation

Prolonged and high-level exposure to radiation can pose significant risks to human health.
Studies on this topic are still ongoing, and precise data is not yet available.
Therefore, the European Union has established extremely strict safety criteria.
All smartphones in the European market are considered safe; however, peace of mind is greater when the emitted radiation levels are lower, especially for frequent users who may not take many precautions.

Smartphones with High Radiation Levels

Among Xiaomi smartphones, the models with the highest electromagnetic radiation levels are the Xiaomi Mi A1 and the Xiaomi Mi Max 3.
The former has a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of 1.75 W/kg for the ear and 0.76 W/kg for the body, while the latter model has SAR values of 1.58 W/kg for the ear and 1.42 W/kg for the rest of the body.
Additionally, the 5G model of the Mi Max 3 has a higher SAR value of 1.56 W/kg for the body (with similar levels for the ear).

On the other hand, Samsung faces challenges with the Samsung A23 5G series and the Galaxy Z Fold 4.
The Galaxy Z Fold 4 has a SAR of 1.30 W/kg for the ear and 1.51 W/kg for the body, while the A23 5G series has SAR values around 1.5 W/kg for both.

Smartphones with Low Radiation Levels

As previously mentioned, Xiaomi and Samsung also lead in offering smartphones with minimal radiation levels, including the Samsung Note 10, Samsung A55 series, Samsung A35 series, Xiaomi Redmi 5A, and Xiaomi Note 7 Pro.
These devices emit negligible levels of radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation is produced to varying degrees by all smartphones, which in itself does not pose a health hazard.
The SAR serves as an indicator measuring the amount of radiation effectively absorbed by the body, depending on whether the smartphone is held to the ear or elsewhere.

The scientific community focuses on the thermal risk as radiation exposure can increase the temperature of certain tissues.
The critical level is set at 20 W/kg, beyond which thermal effects become harmful.
The EU has set the maximum emission limit for smartphones at 2 W/kg, a significantly safe threshold.

Therefore, even smartphones with higher radiation levels are not necessarily dangerous, but opting for models with lower emissions is preferable.
The lower the SAR, the better.
For individuals who frequently make calls without using earphones, choosing a smartphone with lower radiation levels is advisable.
Similarly, parents seeking a device for their children should consider the SAR values alongside medical recommendations.

It’s essential to note that radiation measurements are conducted under conditions of peak emission, which are unlikely to be replicated in typical usage.
While complete data on risks is still pending, being informed and making conscious choices is essential.

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