Social bonus on bills 2024, how to request a cash refund

Monetize the social bonus for water, electricity and gas.
This is one of the possibilities that the beneficiaries of the benefit have, but which they do not know about.
At the end of December, the enhanced social bonus which allowed those with an ISEE of less than 15,000 euros to receive a discount on their electricity and gas bills (raised to 30,000 euros for families with at least four dependent children) definitively expired.
The social bonus was one of the fundamental tools for reviving families, coping with rising bill prices.
It is for this reason that it was renewed in the latest budget law also for 2024.
In the period between January and March 2024, users will have the opportunity to benefit from the relief on utilities, however the requirements have changed.
In fact, all those families who have an ISEE of up to 9,530 thousand euros (or up to 20,000 euros for families with at least 4 dependent children) will benefit from the bonus.
What many don't know is that there is the possibility of monetizing that "surplus" of the social bonus, thus transforming it into money and not using it for subsequent bills.
Of course, a lot depends on what kind of credit is shown on the bills.
But the fact remains that requesting reimbursement of the credit in cash is a possibility.
So here's how to monetize the bonus.
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So it may happen that you receive electricity bills with a value of only 18 euros corresponding to the cost of the Rai license fee and the same goes for the gas and/or water bill.
This means that a customer of an electricity or gas supply company can find a balance in their hands to their advantage.
At this point it is good to know what the possible options are on how to use this advantage.
The first option is to discount this credit in subsequent bills.
Pragmatically speaking, if the consumption of the next billing period is still below the credit, once again the family will not have to pay any amount on the bill, except for electricity where the social bonus does not include the Rai license fee which must be paid anyway.
The second option is to be able to obtain a cash refund of the bonus.
To do this, however, you need to follow a precise procedure.
Social bonus 2023, how to request a cash refund.
In any case, the excess of the bonus remains the prerogative of the customer who can choose whether to continue using it to cover future bills, or whether to monetize it.
This option is often ignored by customers, who are not aware of this possibility.
Transforming the bonus into cash is therefore possible, just call the toll-free number of your supplier company, a number that can easily be found on the bills themselves, so that you can receive the bonus directly into your current account.
Alternatively, it is also possible to receive a check or a direct bank transfer from the tobacconist; in fact, if the amount is less than 500 euros in reimbursement, you can receive the money through a tobacconist or another business that has Sisal at its disposal.
Families therefore only have to decide how to benefit from this cash reimbursement.
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