District heating bonus 2023-2024, requirements, ISEE limits, amounts and how to apply

It will also be possible to request a discount on your bill for district heating.
This is thanks to the Iren Group's choice to activate the 2023-2024 District Heating Bonus for customers.
Although the energy context has changed positively compared to previous years, with the prices of raw materials returning to pre-crisis levels, the Iren company has nevertheless decided to activate the Bonus, with a discount paid entirely by the Group, giving concrete support to its customers, with particular attention to those in economic difficulty.
Thanks to the favorable energy framework, the District Heating Bonus should cover up to approximately 20% of the annual expenditure of a typical family.
The decision comes after having noted that the social bonuses activated and foreseen by the Arera (Authority for the regulation of energy, networks and the environment) relate only to contracts for gas and electricity.
Even though the energy context has improved, we are facing a crisis due to inflation, with the decrease in the purchasing power of salaries.
For this reason Iren has decided to meet the needs of its customers who have a district heating contract, but how does it work? What are the requirements and how to request the Bonus? Here's everything you need to know about it.
read also Uninhabited house, can I keep the heating off? District heating bonus 2023-2024: requirements, ISEE limits and amounts As reported in the company press release, the district heating bonus – which includes VAT at 10% – can only be requested by customers who have their residence in one of the municipalities where Iren manages the district heating network and who "use the service for heating or mixed heating for their home between 15 October 2023 and 30 April 2024".
In addition to this requirement there is that of the ISEE, on the basis of which the amount of the bonus will be established.
As explained by Iren, the bonus can be requested by: families with an ISEE indicator not exceeding 9,530 euros, which will be recognized with a bonus of 146 euros for families with up to 4 members or 170 euros for families with more than 4 members ; families with ISEE indicator between 9,530 -15,000 euros, which will be granted a bonus of 117 euros for families with up to 4 members or 136 euros for families with over 4 members, families with at least 4 dependent children and ISEE indicator not exceeding 20 thousand euros, a bonus of 170 euros will be recognized.
District heating bonus 2023-2024: how to apply If you meet all these requirements, it is natural to ask yourself how to apply to receive the bonus.
As explained by the company, customers will be able to submit their request in the first months of 2024 (until April 2024), with methods and deadlines that will be defined in the coming weeks.
The bonus will be paid directly on the bill as a commercial discount on consumption, by the end of the 2023/24 thermal season.
Unfortunately, for more information we must wait for the publication of the regulation, but most likely, however, the methods for submitting the request will be similar to those used for the previous seasons.
In fact, interested Iren users will most likely have to submit the application by accessing the dedicated area set up by their municipality of residence electronically, authenticating themselves with their SPID or CIE credentials.
In any case, to be sure of all the details for submitting an application, it is best to wait for the regulation for accessing the Bonus, including methods, timing and requirements, which will be published on the Iren Luce Gas e Servizi website in the next few months.
It is therefore advisable for users to check the website of their district heating supplier from time to time, so as not to miss any updates regarding the bonus.
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