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Single allowance 2024, what to do if the application is with the wrong ISEE?

Single check with wrong ISEE, what to do to remedy this.
Both the non-compliant ISEE and the one with omissions have an impact.
Since November 2023, the INPS has paid the basic amount of the single allowance (the one due to those who have a very high ISEE or none at all) in the event of Isee discrepant with errors or omissions.
The taxpayer will continue to receive the basic amount until he makes the necessary corrections in the DSU or provides the institution with the necessary clarifications.
If the rules had not changed, the taxpayer with a different ISEE would have continued to receive the single allowance based on the ISEE presented, even if the INPS would then have adjusted the amounts paid.
The new indications, contained in messages 2856/2023 and 2913/2023, have provided new indications regarding the disbursement of the allowance in the presence of different ISEE.
Single allowance, what to know The single allowance came into force on 1 March 2022: more than a year later, the INPS continues to provide clarifications in case the single allowance was received with a different ISEE.
It should be remembered that the correctness of the ISEE is an element not to be underestimated, given that the amount of the single allowance depends precisely on the value of the indicator.
So let's see what to do if you apply for the single allowance by presenting an ISEE with errors, and the sanctions you face if you don't regularize your situation.
Single allowance, what to do if the application is with the wrong ISEE? The application for the single and universal allowance is processed on the basis of the ISEE, even if with omissions or errors.
What to do in this case? There are three solutions proposed by INPS: submit documents to INPS to prove the completeness and truthfulness of the data indicated in the declaration; present a new DSU, free of discrepancies; request the CAF that submitted the ISEE certification application to rectify the DSU, with retroactive effect, which is only possible if the errors in the ISEE depend on a material error being compiled.
read also Single allowance 2023: guide to what's new for amounts, increases and application Single allowance 2024: how can you prove that the ISEE is not wrong? To correct the ISEE, first of all you need to understand whether the omissions or inconsistencies concern assets or income.
In the first case, the documentation to be provided to INPS is that provided by the bank or intermediary (such as a bank statement) which can demonstrate the correctness of what was declared.
Other evidentiary documentation, in this case, is also a possible report to the authorities in which it is stated that the relationship was opened without the owner's knowledge or, alternatively, the documentation certifying that the relationship not declared in the DSU was closed in the previous years.
However, if the problem concerns income, the evidentiary documentation is that issued by the Revenue Agency demonstrating that the discrepancy or omission is invalid (such as in the presence of an incorrect CU issued by the employer and, subsequently, correct).
Adjustment of single allowance with arrears If the INPS, once it has received the documentation, believes that the taxpayer is in the right place to carry out the calculations of the single allowance actually due.
For the months in which the check was paid with a minimum amount, it also provides the due additions.
If the ISEE is regularized by the end of the year, the family is entitled to receive all monthly payments in full for the months in which they received the minimum amount via adjustment.
If the obligation is not fulfilled by the end of the year, the following year the family must return the sums received in excess in the months in which the allowance was received in full, before it was increased to the basic amount .

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