Italian Budget Law 2024

Increase in cigarettes according to the 2024 budget law, by how much the price increases

The possibility of a new increase for cigarettes has been discussed for a long time.
The main purpose is to finance the expenses included in the 2024 Budget Law, although indirectly the increases could have positive effects on decreasing the consumption of smoking products.
The measure that will establish the increase in the cost of cigarettes is still being drawn up, but this will be closed by 2023.
As announced by a note from the Ministry of Economy, the financing of unchanged policies will be covered precisely by increases in excise duties on tobacco.
Thanks to this, approximately one billion euros in increased revenue is expected.
It is therefore not yet possible to establish with certainty how much the price of cigarettes and other smoking products, such as shredded tobacco, will increase further.
However, some majority sources have reported to Il Messaggero some hypotheses of increases.
These could vary from the product (cigarettes and tobacco) between 20 and 40 cents more.
And if the increases expected for 2024 worry consumers, they could be even higher for 2025.
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The objective is to finance the initiatives of the 2024 budget law.
The increase in excise duties on cigarettes, which had already undergone an increase in 2023, is expected for 2024 and again for 2025.
According to what has been learned, even if the implementation document is still being drawn up, the increase in excise duties on cigarettes and shredded tobacco is intended to cover the approximately 48 million in lost revenue.
Initial calculations predict revenues of around one billion euros.
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According to the latest reports, in fact, the number of consumers of products such as cigarettes and shredded tobacco is decreasing and an increase in cost could reduce the number of customers of these products even further.
For this reason, the increase could weigh not on the pockets of smokers, but on companies.
It will depend on company choices whether to keep the cost unchanged or not.
This has already happened for Camel blu and Malboro God, whose price remained unchanged despite a price increase on "minor" products.
In fact, the increase appears to be quite substantial.
The rumors (there is no official text yet) speak of 40-50 cents on cut tobacco in sachets and 20 cents more for cigarettes.
The increase expected from 1 January (until 2025) provided for an increase starting from the quota of 36 euros per thousand cigarettes in 2023, of 36.50 euros in 2024 and an increase in the quota to 37 euros for 2025.
Now the sum for every thousand cigarettes, expected in the next three years, drops by around 8 euros: 28 euros for 2023, 28.20 euros in 2024 and 28.70 euros in 2025.
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The increases on tobacco products were already foreseen and the Meloni government's line strengthens and increases them.
Gianfranco Labib, president of Assotabaccai Confesercenti, commented on the decision critically.
“Governments happen and we always see the same things – he told Il Messaggero – the same annual changes and never a structural change.
We hope that a technical table will be opened immediately with the government to reform the law that regulates tobacconists, which has been stuck in 1957." The need to update the law is based on the fact that tobacconists risk disappearing due to increasingly higher costs and fewer smokers.
Assotabaccai acts as spokesperson for the workers in the sector, even if less tobacco consumption can only be good for collective health.

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