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Football betting, new names live today. Who are the other players involved?

There is particular anticipation for Fabrizio Corona's guest appearance on Nunzia De Girolamo's Avanti Popolo programme, but there is no shortage of controversy about it either: after the curiosity about all the names, presumed guilty of football betting, criticism arose in the comparisons of how Corona and his Dillingernews handled the matter, especially towards Nicola Zalewski, Roma midfielder for whom at the moment there seems to be no evidence of guilt (so much so that he is not even listed in the register of suspects).
Corona believes that the time has come to name all the names, also revealing the identities of his informants: he will do so today evening, when his presence could revive the fortunes of a program that did not achieve an exciting result in the first episode in terms of audiences (574,000 spectators equal to a share of 3.6%).
On the evening of Tuesday 17 October, live, new revelations will be released on the football betting case, on the very day in which the sports justice verdict has arrived in the meantime against the first name to end up in the register of suspects, the midfielder Nicolò Fagioli of Juventus.
7.30pm “I made everything up about Zalewski” Zalewski's alleged ex-agent appeared on the Cerberus Podcast to say that he made everything up with Corona.
Fabrizio Corona's source would be him.
With his face covered live, he said that the information was false, "there is no proof" and that he spoke nonsense.
The reasons for the lie are easy to understand: a fee of 20 thousand euros to confirm the information.
6.45pm Corona interview: time Fabrizio Corona is the personality of the moment for his revelations regarding some players addicted to football betting.
Corona mentioned several names (Nicolò Fagioli, Sandro Tonali and Nicolò Zaniolo and Nicola Zalewski) but others could emerge this evening, Tuesday 17 October, when he will be a guest on Avanti Popolo, the new Rai Tre in-depth talk hosted by Nunzia De Girolamo.
The program will start at 9.20pm and Fabrizio Corona's interview is scheduled at the end of the national team's match.
5.15pm Nicolò Fagioli facing a 7-month disqualification As we have explained to you several times, a footballer guilty of betting on his sport risks a disqualification of at least 3 years.
However, this does not exclude a lower sanction, such as the one Nicolò Fagioli will face: for the Juventus midfielder, in fact, a plea agreement was reached for 12 months of suspension, of which 5 months commuted to alternative prescriptions (the disqualification will therefore only be 7 months), as well as a fine of 12,500 euros.
16:18 How much Corona will get from Avanti Popolo There are those who dispute Corona's participation in Rai in terms of payment, such as those already collected for the guest appearances on Belve and Domenica In.
In fact, it seems that due to the revelations on the betting case, Corona will get an amount between 8 thousand and 10 thousand euros.
read also Fabrizio Corona guest on Rai: how much he will earn for the interview with Nunzia De Girolamo 3.21pm Betting case, summing up Let's take stock of the situation while waiting for the revelations that will be made today evening.
To date, only Nicolò Fagioli, Nicolò Zaniolo and Sandro Tonali are on the register of suspects for betting on illegal sites, while there is currently no evidence of involvement regarding Nicola Zalewski, another name given by Corona.
On the sports justice side, the situation now appears to be defined for Nicolò Fagioli who is moving towards a plea bargain.
The same path could be taken by Sandro Tonali but at the moment it is still too early to make predictions.
As regards Zaniolo, however, the player's entourage makes it known that "he has never had a bet on football", therefore there is no basis for a violation of sporting justice.

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