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Working for the Municipality without a competition: when is it possible

Working in the Municipality: Opportunities and Challenges

Working for the Municipality is a coveted goal for those seeking job stability, especially when it offers the possibility to work close to home.
However, securing a position in the Municipality is not an easy task, as it requires passing a public competition, like most other job opportunities in the Public Administration.
Particularly in small local realities, the number of available positions in the Municipality is very limited and highly sought after, even by candidates from other cities.
It’s worth mentioning that individuals meeting the citizenship requirements stated in the competition announcement can participate in a Municipality competition, regardless of their current residence, including foreigners with a valid residence permit.

Alternative Paths to Employment in the Municipality

Despite the competitive nature of Municipality job opportunities, there are exceptions that allow individuals to work for the Municipality without going through a public competition.
In specific cases, the law permits the direct hiring of candidates, typically those with unique qualifications deserving special consideration.

This exception applies not only to Municipality hirings but also to other branches of the Public Administration.
Therefore, it’s essential to clarify the requirements for bypassing a competition and being directly hired by the Municipality, as well as the tools available to local authorities and other public administrations for direct recruitment.

Working in the Municipality without a Competition

There are several ways to secure a job in the Municipality without going through a public competition.
One avenue is the “Numerical Call for Persons with Disabilities,” which enables the direct hiring of disabled individuals in the Public Administration, as outlined in Legislative Decree no.

The law mandates a certain percentage of disabled workers in both the public and private sectors, depending on the total number of employees.
For instance, if the employees exceed 50, at least 7% must be disabled.
Similar proportions apply to smaller companies.

Individuals eligible for hiring in the Municipality or other local authorities are those disabled individuals over 18 years old who have not reached the retirement age.
The numerical call applies to various categories like civilly disabled individuals (with physical, mental, or sensory impairments), disabled workers, blind or deaf individuals, war invalids, and others meeting specific criteria.

Direct Hiring through Numerical Call

The numerical call for disabled individuals without a public competition occurs through the Employment Center and is restricted to roles requiring only compulsory education, not higher degrees.
After the Employment Center’s recommendation, the Public Administration must assess the compatibility of the disability with the job tasks.

Nominal Call

Another method to work in Municipal offices without a competition is the “Nominal Call,” reserved for specific categories like terrorism/crime victims, duty victims, orphans of work-related fatalities, surviving spouses of work accident victims, and justice witnesses.
This hiring method applies to various public administration roles up to a certain remuneration level.


Alternatively, individuals can work in the Municipality or other public administrations without a competition through “outsourcing.” This exceptional and temporary procedure aims to source competent personnel when existing employees are unable to handle specific tasks.
Employees hired through outsourcing sign fixed-term freelance contracts and cannot obtain permanent positions.
The tasks are temporary, highly specialized, and clearly defined in terms of duration, compensation, and execution methods.
Contract renewals are only permitted to complete ongoing projects.

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