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Android phones to get a new (and bizarre) feature

Google’s New Feature: Vocal Emojis During Calls

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and tech giants are always eager to release new features.
Google is currently testing a new and exciting function that has caught everyone’s attention.
The latest feature, which has appeared in the latest Beta version of the Google app, introduces a whole new level of fun and interaction.

Evolution of Digital Communication

The introduction of emojis has revolutionized digital language, transforming modern communication.
Google is now taking it a step further by introducing vocal emojis.
But what exactly are vocal emojis and how do they work?

How It Works

During a call, users will now have the option to trigger a sound emoji.
Currently, there are six sound options available: applause, laughter, a sad trombone, a drum roll, a cheerful bang, a less cheerful bang, and even a fart sound.
These sounds can add a fun and entertaining element to phone conversations, resembling the use of sound effects in radio or TV broadcasts to simulate funny or heroic gestures.

Usage and Limitations

Users must be cautious not to abuse the feature.
Google has implemented limits to prevent the bombardment of sound emojis during calls.
Once activated, there is a cooldown period before another sound emoji can be triggered, typically ranging from several seconds to minutes.
It remains unclear whether recipients can disable these vocal emojis, allowing them to opt-out of receiving sound effects during calls.

Feedback and Future Implementations

Initial feedback on vocal emojis is mixed, with some users appreciating the playful addition, while others view it as a potential disruption to phone conversations.
The novelty is expected to roll out on all Android devices, raising questions about cross-compatibility with iPhone users.

WhatsApp Updates for iOS and Android

In addition to Google’s innovation, WhatsApp has recently undergone significant updates for both iOS and Android users.
The main change involves a visual overhaul, with WhatsApp adopting green as its primary color across all applications.
On Android, the tab bar has been relocated to the bottom, aligning with the iOS version.
Moreover, users can now filter messages by unread, group, and all categories, enhancing message organization.

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