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Until what age can you work

Many people ask themselves up to what age they can work, some because they want to continue carrying out their usual profession for as long as possible, others because they long for a well-deserved retirement.
In fact, there is a lot of confusion on this point, due to a very simple explanation: there is no single answer to the question.
To know up to what age you can work, you need to distinguish between self-employed and employed work, but also between the public and private sectors.
We must not confuse the age from which the employer can retire the employee with the obligation to do so, in fact in many cases the choice is free, although often not without risks for the employer.
Here's what you need to know.
Public employees Public employees are, among the categories of workers, those subjected to the strictest rules on the maximum age for working and on forced retirement.
However, there are different thresholds and cases to take into consideration.
In particular, the Public Administration is obliged to dismiss the employee who has reached the statutory age (the maximum age foreseen by the legislation to which he belongs) and the requirements for early retirement or old age pension.
The general legal limit is equal to 65 years for public administration employees, but can vary for specific functions or professions (for example for the Armed Forces and Police Forces depending on qualification, but not only).
Furthermore, the Public Administration can dismiss an employee who has reached the age of 62 and has met the requirements for early retirement.
In this case, the PA is not obliged to retire the employee, therefore if it intends to implement it it must justify the decision.
Everything changes when the public employee is 67 years old but has not reached the requirements for the old-age pension, in this case he can request retention in service until the age of 71, provided that it is compatible with the health conditions and the possible evaluation of the employee's doctor.
read also Pensions, what amount to reach to go there in 2024 Private employees Private employers can fire the employee who has reached the age for the old age pension, i.e.
67 years (with exceptions for disabled workers or those employed in demanding jobs ).
This is a mere faculty of the employer who can still reach an agreement with the worker to continue the relationship.
In fact, the law does not set a maximum working age in this sense, so much so that it is also possible to hire pensioners, provided that their health conditions allow it.
It must also be underlined that some national collective agreements provide for a lower limit from which the employer can retire the employee, but the various labor cases in this regard show a conflicting orientation of the jurisprudence.
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The Furthermore, the law allows both freelancers and self-employed workers and private employees to continue working after retirement, respecting the rules established by law.
read also Working after retirement is possible: rules, cuts and taxation Up to how many years can one work In light of the different disciplines that concern the categories of workers, it can be stated, in summary, that: Public employees can work until they reach legal limit and retirement requirements, in the absence of requirements they can ask to continue the relationship up to 71 years.
Private employees can work up to 67 years of age, but even beyond if the employer agrees.
Self-employed workers and freelancers have no working age limits, but must comply with the regulations of any relevant Order.
(For example, it is not possible to practice the profession of notary beyond the age of 75).

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