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Best iPhone to buy in 2024

Have you decided to change your phone and buy a new iPhone and are wondering which is the best one to buy in 2024? Considering the numerous options available on the market, searching for the best and most affordable iPhone can seem like a challenge.
This is why we decided to create a guide, designed to satisfy all tastes and wallets, useful for orienting yourself in the world of Apple offers.
If you don't have budget problems, the best choice is the iPhone 15.
It is undoubtedly the best performing device available among Apple phones at the moment.
Let's see, instead, which are the best iPhone models to buy in 2024 if you don't have a lot of money to spend.
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The complete list with all the functions Best iPhone for value for money The quite prohibitive prices of the latest iPhone 15 and the limited innovations brought by the "basic" models of the iPhone 14, lead us to affirm that the best iPhone available on the market in 2024 is the iPhone 13 Mini, the least expensive of all, but also the one that, given the data in hand, clearly offers the best value for money.
First of all, the iPhone 13 Mini is the smallest 5G phone in the world and that makes its small size a real strong point.
At the processor level, it features the A15 Bionic chip and the display dimensions are 5.4" (131.5 x 64.2 x 7.4 mm), a size that makes it perfect for use with one hand.
interesting aspect is that the storage space of the basic model has doubled and, now, at the same price (839 euros), you can have 128 GB of memory instead of 64.
For those who, however, enjoy greater availability, the iPhone 13 Pro, which has the same processor as the 14, a better camera, with three lenses instead of 2, and a display with Pro-motion with a higher refresh rate.
iPhone comparison: the latest models The latest models available are the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and Pro Max.
The first two models partly recall the previous iPhone 14 Pro, while with the introduction of the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple has presented some interesting innovations.
For anyone with a suitable budget available when purchasing one of these latest models, we recommend purchasing the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.
For those who, however, have an iPhone 14 and are considering the idea of switching to the latest model, it is useful to take into consider some preliminary evaluations.
The innovations brought by the iPhone 15 Pro do not seem to radically revolutionize our experience with smartphones.
Although the new model promises greater speed and superior photo quality, it does not seem to be particularly convenient to switch from an iPhone 14 Pro to an iPhone 15 Pro, unless you have a particular interest in technology and innovations.
iPhone 14, 14, Pro and Pro Max According to many insiders, the iPhone 14 would not be the best model among those currently available on the market.
The reason is easy to say: with the exception of the Pro and the Pro Max which actually introduce some really interesting features and offer notable performance, the "basic" models of Apple's latest addition don't differ that much from the previous ones , released just a year earlier.
Beyond the aesthetic aspect, which has remained almost unchanged compared to the 13, things don't change too much at the processor level, with the A15 Bionic featuring only a slight improvement in the GPU (from 4 to 5 cores).
All this, however, at a price that, in Europe, has increased by 90 euros.
A different matter, however, regarding the Pro and Pro Max models of the iPhone 14.
As mentioned, in this case the innovations are numerous compared to the 13 although, perhaps, not enough to justify a considerable expense (the 14 Pro starts from 1339 euros).
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As always, in fact, when a new one comes out, this one has the same price as the previous one.
Old iPhones are reduced, thus becoming a little less inaccessible: this year, for example, the iPhone 12 costs 120 euros less.
Nonetheless, we would advise against choosing this model which, on balance, is a little less expensive, but at the same time decidedly less performing in almost every respect compared to the subsequent ones.
Buying a 128 Gigabyte iPhone 12 involves spending around 889 euros, while the iPhone 13, which is already equipped with this memory, costs 939 euros.
Despite a saving of "only" 50 euros, however, all the features and innovations of the penultimate model are given up.
Finally, let's talk about the iPhone SE3 which, of all, is perhaps the least recommended.
This is a mid-range smartphone, which Apple released earlier this year but whose price is still too high for the product's features.
It is certainly a good entry level but at a cost that is decidedly higher than it should be: it is true that the list price starts at 559 euros, but with a little more financial effort it is recommended to turn to an iPhone 13 Mini, the whose performances are not even comparable.
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