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15 best-paid and most sought-after emerging jobs in Italy (and where)

What are the jobs of the future, those for which the highest salaries and the most sought after are expected? According to the ranking drawn up by Linkedin, in the annual survey "LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise", the new figures range from artificial intelligence experts, to IT security professionals, sustainability consultants, cloud engineers, experts in data management data, up to specialists in Tax, software and algorithms.
The survey also shows which skills are most in demand and these represent well the changes that are taking place in the world of work.
In particular, the acceleration of artificial intelligence and automation has created new job opportunities.
In the LinkedIn ranking many of the positions are occupied by these.
In Italy the cities where there are most requests are: Milan, Turin, Rome, Modena, Bologna, Naples and Bari.
Many, inevitable, confirmations such as the commercial development officer, who remains in first position compared to last year's ranking year.
What are the 15 emerging jobs in Italy, which are the confirmations and the most sought after? read also Public competitions, what we know about the 4,100 hirings announced by the Revenue Agency Ranking of 15 emerging jobs: 1.
Commercial development officer For the job of development officer, as Luca Maniscaldo, social media expert and marketing and communication manager of Unimi Foundation, the skills required are constantly evolving.
This is why the demand for new professionals is growing.
The most in-demand skills include: sales, lead generation and B2B, with prevalent sectors including technology, information and internet, business services and consultancy, and IT services and consultancy.
Strong points: average experience of 2.4 years to apply and 40.3% of job opportunities are remote.
Ranking of 15 emerging jobs: 2.
Artificial intelligence engineer For this profession Maniscalco underlines how AI is a real innovation and companies must adopt new technologies as well as professionals capable of guiding them.
It is expected that in the future it will also be important to delve into the legal and ethical aspects related to AI.
At the moment, however, the most requested skills are: computer vision, machine learning and natural language processing.
The most represented sectors are IT services and consultancy, technology, information and internet, and consultancy and business services.
Highlights: Average experience of 1.7 years before hiring and 21.7% of offers involve remote work.
Ranking of 15 emerging jobs: 3.
Soc Analyst The Soc analyst is a figure who is confirmed for the second year in a row in third position in the LinkedIn survey.
IT security specialists, including SOC Analysts, are in high demand because they deal with monitoring activities on websites, but also databases and servers to identify potential threats.
The most in-demand skills for SOC Analysts include: cybersecurity, Siem (Security Information and Event Management) and network security.
The most represented sectors are IT services and consultancy, business consultancy and services, and media and telecommunications.
Strong points are: 2.6 years of experience and a possibility of working remotely, although lower, in 16.7% of offers.
Ranking of 15 emerging jobs: 4.
Sustainability specialist In fourth place we find the sustainability specialist.
The requirements are: sustainability reporting, consultancy, and sustainable development.
In this case the possibility of working remotely decreases, with just 4.9% of the offers on the market.
Ranking 15 emerging jobs: 5.
Cloud engineer In fifth place is the cloud engineer, with in-demand skills such as: Amazon Web Services, Cloud computing and DevOps.
The average years of experience rises to 3.5 and only 28.8% of the positions offered allow working remotely.
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Data engineer Data engineer in sixth place, with required skills most widespread solutions such as ETL, Apache Spark and Big Data solutions.
The years of experience are around the average of 2.9, while the possibility offered to work remotely is set at 17.7%.
Ranking of 15 emerging jobs: 7.
Purchasing manager The role of purchasing managers, who deal with the management of the procurement process of goods and services, includes among the most requested skills: purchasing, procurement and purchasing management.
The required experience is high, at least 3.8 years, while the opportunity to work remotely is almost zero (1.1%).
Ranking of 15 emerging jobs: 8.
Cyber security engineer The cyber security engineer, in eighth place, has the required skills in: IT security, Vulnerability Assessment and Network security.
High years of experience, at least 3.8 and possibility of working remotely present in just 16.4% of offers.
Ranking 15 emerging jobs: 9.
Cloud consultant Job offers for cloud consultants include requirements such as: knowledge of TIBCO, Cloud Computing and XML language.
Years of experience 3.4, while remote working opportunities in 10.9% of cases.
Ranking of 15 emerging jobs: 10.
Tax advisor In tenth place in the ranking is the figure of the tax advisor, i.e.
the person who deals with tax regulations and provides consultancy.
The skills required are: tax consultancy, tax law and international tax regulations.
Medium-low years of experience, equal to 2.7, while the possibility of working remotely falls below 5%, or in 2.4% of cases.
Ranking of 15 emerging jobs: 11.
Talent hunter (Talent acquisition specialist) The role of talent hunter requires experience of at least 2.9 years (on average) and skills such as: Employer Branding, personnel search and selection, interviews and interviews.
Ranking of 15 emerging jobs: 12.
Process engineer (Performance engineer) The process engineer (performance engineer), who ensures how the performance of a product or service meets certain requirements, includes skills such as: automotive, testing and dynamics of vehicles.
The years of experience are not too high, equal to 2.8 on average, while the possibility of finding remote job offers is between 10 and 11%.
Ranking 15 emerging jobs: 13.
Solutions consultant Solutions consultants are required to have skills such as: SQL language, Consulting and Selling solutions.
The years of experience for the different offers are high, i.e.
4.5, and the possibility of working remotely is low, equal to 5.9% of cases.
Ranking 15 emerging jobs: 14.
Medical science liaison Medical science liaisons require specific skills such as clinical trials, product launch and pharmaceutical sales.
The years of experience required are high, almost 5 (on average 4.9), while the possibility of working remotely is present in 30.0% of online job offers.
Ranking of 15 emerging jobs: 15.
Back-end developer Job offers for back-end developers, who deal with the construction and maintenance of the components of a website (server, database and API), include skills such as: git, Framework Spring and Backend Web Development.
The years of experience required are on average 3, while the possibility of working remotely is foreseen in 30.4% of offers.
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