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Ai, these buy stocks have amazing potential

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the hottest trends in the world of investing.
Many companies are looking to capitalize on this rapidly growing technology, and in this rush there is one company, specifically, that is attracting a lot of attention lately.
Faced with the recent news, shared by the management during the latest quarterly reports, the stock recorded a significant increase on the stock market, recording 5.12% on Friday.
This is a company, although highly capitalized, not included among those directly related to the artificial intelligence stock market segment.
But his business, on the other hand, has a lot to do with the new trend that is driving the stock markets crazy.
We are talking about Palantir Technologies.
All Eyes on Palantir Technologies Stock Palantir Technologies is a California-based software company founded with the goal of helping government and corporate organizations derive value from their data, a topic that is becoming increasingly relevant to many companies, especially following the forced digitalisation process of recent years.
Not surprisingly, the company has seen a notable increase in awareness and prominence, culminating in its listing on the NYSE in 2021.
The initial launch was overwhelmingly well received, with the stock price quickly rising from $10 to more than $40 in just 120 days, generating capital gains of more than 300%.
However, during 2022, Palantir's stock price, like many of its competitors, underwent a significant correction, even returning below starting levels.
But 2023 brought a new dynamic, also favored by the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence.
The stock began to rise rapidly, returning close to $20 in less than a year, where it currently appears to be trading.
What drives Palantir shares higher The incredible comeback in the price of PLTR shares was facilitated by the sharing of data relating to the company's latest quarterly report.
On this occasion, the shares increased by more than 12% at the opening and closed the trading session with an increase of 5.12%.
The company reported extremely promising numbers, including revenues totaling $558.2 million and EPS of 7 cents, beating consensus analysts' forecasts.
However, what generated particular excitement among investors was the focus on artificial intelligence, with special mentions of the bootcamps launched in October.
The company expects that AI will play a decisive role in the company's future growth, thanks to the perception of a constant expansion of their services in the sector.
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