Ukrainian war, ran out of money and ammunition: the great deception of the West

The war in Ukraine in almost two years so far has generated around 500,000 deaths and injuries considering both sides, with Kiev having 20% of its territory occupied by Russia without considering the 130 billion dollars debt accumulated so far and the trillion needed to rebuild the country once a ceasefire agreement is reached.
Volodymyr Zelensky is currently on a tour of the Baltics to obtain further aid, reiterating that Ukraine can still win this war by defeating Russia on the field.
In recent days, Giorgia Meloni has reiterated several times the need to continue with military and financial support to Ukraine, with Parliament having approved three majority resolutions that go precisely in this direction.
It matters little if the sanctions that were supposed to bring Russia to its knees mainly hit our wallet, with the much-hyped Ukrainian counter-offensive which ended with a few square kilometers reconquered, paying a very high price in terms of human lives.
The latest news from the war in Ukraine speaks of Russian troops slowly advancing in Donbass, with Moscow launching something like 158 drones and missiles – supplied by North Korea and Iran – against major Ukrainian cities on December 29th.
read also Elections and wars, because 2024 is the year that will change the world The deception of the war in Ukraine If there weren't hundreds of thousands of deaths involved, just as many serious injuries, millions of refugees and immense suffering suffered by the civilian population and from the relatives of the soldiers at the front, one could speak of a kind of farce of the war in Ukraine.
After having mystified the reality of the facts and accused of being a "Putinian" anyone who tried to raise doubts regarding this proxy war, Western governments and the main media now do not seem to feel the slightest embarrassment in the face of two admissions that almost simultaneously.
The first was made by EU Internal Market spokeswoman Johanna Bernsel, who declared that Brussels will not be able to keep its commitment to supply one million ammunition to Ukraine by March.
For Bernsel "the problem is that an important part of the European production of heavy ammunition is exported by industries" not to Ukraine, with the war industry of the Old Continent which therefore would have the capacity to supply the bullets, but would prefer to sell them elsewhere without the various governments bat an eyelid.
However, if a Russian conductor is called to conduct an opera then open heaven.
On the other side of the ocean, the White House – after deceiving Ukraine and boycotting every peace attempt worthy of the name – admitted that "the money has run out" to provide further aid to Kiev.
In truth, the taps have been turned off for months after the US paid out the monstrous sum of over 70 billion dollars.
If we add to this money the over 80 billion dollars given by the EU and all that paid by individual countries, the total exceeds 250 billion dollars.
Now, however, Ukraine is finding itself without money and with few supplies of weapons while Russia has started attacking again: NATO's suggestion now is to maintain positions and not lose further ground, waiting for the war to be frozen in due to the elections in the United States that Joe Biden is seriously risking losing.

Author: A.W.M.

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