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Goodbye Medicine Test: here's what could change with the Bernini reform

The Medicine test as we are used to knowing it could soon disappear to the delight of aspiring white coat students.
Access to the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery could change thanks to the reform announced by the Minister of University and Research of the Meloni government, Anna Maria Bernini.
In a recent interview, the owner of the Mur gave some previews about the intentions to reform access to medicine without the admission test and which will however require a reasonable amount of time in order to create a solid system in synergy with the universities.
Meanwhile, the minister herself announced the news of the new 2024 Medicine test – the Tolc Med which in its debut 2023 edition brought with it numerous appeals for alleged irregularities – with an open question database and a new test calendar.
Let's see what the Bernini reform could be for the abolition of the Medicine test.
Goodbye Medicine Test with the Bernini reform: what changes The Bernini reform with the farewell of the Medicine test will not be immediate and most likely the Tolc Med will remain a little longer but with the possibility that students will have to attempt the test by practicing on a open database of 50 thousand questions.
For the future, Minister Bernini would be thinking of a radical change, an Italian model of access to the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery illustrated in Repubblica and also reported on her social channels: The idea is to allow students to attend characterizing courses, take exams and access the faculty based on the outcome.
Preparation will be in the hands of universities, no longer in extra-academic courses.
Therefore in Medicine tests it would disappear and all aspiring doctors could access specific courses for an entire semester by taking exams which would thus allow, based on the score, to officially access the Faculty.
However, we would also think about those who fail the exams and therefore about mechanisms to recover the work done and access another faculty.
The ideas for saying goodbye to the Medicine test are there, we just need to wait for the technical times necessary for the reform which therefore may not arrive immediately.
read also The best universities for medicine, the ranking with the best universities of 2023 Goodbye medicine test: end of limited numbers? If Minister Bernini seems to have a precise model in mind for saying goodbye to the Medicine test and introducing the semester of study with exams, she seemed more cautious regarding completely free access to the degree course, without tests.
The abolition of the limited number is a possibility that must be considered with caution.
The limited number – Bernini specified in the interview with Repubblica – as we have known and inherited it no longer exists.
We have increased our positions by over 3 thousand units this year and the increase is estimated at 30 thousand over the next seven years.
The minister then added: We have a duty to continue to guarantee the quality of the training offer which an indiscriminate opening would not ensure.
Setting yourself the goal of opening is not wrong, but it is precisely an objective around which to build systemic conditions, with gradualness, realism and a sense of responsibility.
The abolition of the limited number could only happen through a strengthening of the training offer of the Universities.
From the minister's words it therefore seems that the limited number will remain but access will be facilitated in the future without medical tests and with a whole semester to attempt official entry to the faculty.
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