How a Russia-NATO war could erupt: the role of Italy

A Potentially Inevitable War Between Russia and NATO

A war between Russia and NATO, or more accurately some European countries belonging to the Atlantic Alliance due to the United States’ current more detached position, now seems sadly inevitable given what is happening in Ukraine.

As was predictable – the situation was clear to everyone except for Western leaders – the resilient Ukrainian troops seem to no longer be able to stop the Russian advance, with Moscow’s army, taking advantage of the arrival of the warmer season, resuming fierce attacks and conquering additional territories.

Despite the new military aid – 60 billion dollars from the US alone – soon the Ukrainian defensive line could collapse, with Russia ready to reach the two main enemy cities: Kiev and Odessa.
In essence, Vladimir Putin seems to be on the verge of winning this accursed war, with NATO not being able to allow such an outcome.

The Ukrainian Perspective and Western Deceptions

“Ukraine is on the brink of the abyss – admitted Kiev’s deputy chief of intelligence, Vadym Skibitsky, in an interview with The Economist -.
I do not see a way for Ukraine to win this war on the battlefield”.

Without adequate weapons, without ammunition, and practically without an air force since the beginning of the war, the Ukrainian army, lacking at least half a million men, has so far performed a military miracle by resisting Russia for over two years.

However, the West – knowingly lying – continued to deceive Kiev and its citizens, talking about a war that Ukraine could win and a Russia that would collapse under the weight of sanctions, as reiterated several times by Mario Draghi.

Potential Scenarios in a Russia-NATO War

In recent days, analysts’ reflections have all focused on trying to understand how a war between NATO and Russia could unfold, as all diplomatic strategies have been abandoned after the failed negotiations in Turkey at the behest of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Two possible scenarios have been outlined: the involvement of a third country in the conflict, namely Belarus, or a Russian attack on a NATO member (Baltics or Poland) or on Moldova.

If any of these hypotheses were to materialize, then NATO would be ready to move from words to actions by sending its troops to Ukraine, thus potentially triggering what could be called the third world war.

Italy’s Role in a Conflict with Russia

In such a scenario, a question naturally arises: what would be Italy’s role in a possible war between Russia and – even just a part of – NATO? Although Matteo Salvini and Guido Crosetto have, in different ways, criticized Emmanuel Macron’s recent statements, it would be difficult for us to avoid involving our soldiers.

As stated by Minister Crosetto a year ago, Italy participates in activities on the eastern flank of NATO with approximately 3,000 units, with our troops currently stationed in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Latvia.

Overall, NATO has already deployed around 100,000 men near the Ukrainian border, while Russia currently has 300,000 soldiers on the front line.
However, it appears likely that, at least initially, only France would send its troops to Ukraine.

If a catastrophic war between the West and Russia were to ever happen, the entire NATO – Italy included – would need to be involved to prevent a Putin victory, but much will also depend on the outcome of the European elections and – above all – those scheduled in the United States in November.

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