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Forza Italia’s Electoral Program for the 2024 European Elections: Insights into the Blue Party’s Proposals

Forza Italia Presents Its Electoral Program for the 2024 European Elections

Forza Italia has presented its electoral program ahead of the 2024 European elections, where they will run in tandem with Noi Moderati.
The official lists for the European elections confirm that Secretary Antonio Tajani will be running for Forza Italia, alongside other prominent figures such as Letizia Moratti, Roberto Cota, Alessandra Mussolini, and Flavio Tosi.

Within the European Parliament, Forza Italia is part of the European People’s Party and aims to secure a double-digit result in order to send as many MEPs as possible to Brussels and Strasbourg.
An internal challenge within the center-right bloc is with the League: if Forza Italia were to outperform the League in the European elections, Tajani could potentially seek a government reshuffle to “rebalance” the weight of the majority parties.

Let’s delve into the main proposals outlined in Forza Italia’s electoral program for the 2024 European elections.
The full document in PDF format can be accessed and downloaded from the article’s footer.

Key Points of Forza Italia’s Electoral Program for the 2024 European Elections

Forza Italia is committed to strengthening the NATO alliance and enhancing defense industry capabilities, promoting common programs and greater military cooperation.
The party advocates for the appointment of a European Commissioner for Defense to coordinate defense policies among member states and foster integration in the European security sector.

The party supports a mandatory and rigorous mechanism for relocating migrants, emphasizing shared responsibilities, solidarity, and burden-sharing among European countries.
Bilateral agreements with transit countries are proposed to enhance asylum procedures, including increased cooperation with North African and Middle Eastern nations.
Additionally, Forza Italia suggests a Marshall Plan for Africa.

Business and Economy
Forza Italia’s strategic plan, “Made in Europe 2030,” focuses on developing a comprehensive industrial policy to protect critical infrastructures and innovative EU companies from unfair Chinese competition.
The party advocates for labor mobility through a European social security pass, a common tax harmonization policy, a debt mutualization strategy, and the creation of a single financial and banking area within the EU to minimize future banking crises.

The party aims to double the EU budget for medical research and pharmaceutical innovation between 2024-2027, with a target of investing 4% of the European GDP in research and development by 2030.
Forza Italia also pledges to address the wage gap to retain healthcare professionals in various European regions.

The article continues with detailed proposals in crucial sectors such as automotive, housing, energy, environment, agriculture, fisheries, and reforms in the European governance system to enhance the legislative power of the European Parliament.
Through these propositions, Forza Italia aims to shape a comprehensive and competitive agenda for the 2024 European elections.

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