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Why Giorgia Meloni didn't go to the Fratelli d'Italia convention

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni did not go to the Fratelli d'Italia convention.
In a video message recorded in advance, the FdI leader announced that she would not be present.
Guido Crosetto, the Minister of Defense, also confirmed this from the stage, breaking the official communication to make an announcement and send a message of affection to Meloni.
It has been a busy week for the Prime Minister, beyond her private situation.
On the 21st she went to the Peace Summit organized in Egypt and in the evening she went to Tel Aviv to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
A meeting that said nothing new, other than renewing Italian support for the Israeli government in response to alleged anti-Semitism (even if at a global level there is now talk of anti-Zionism, a completely different dynamic which does not envisage the erasure of the Jews) .
A week that was supposed to end with the Fratelli d'Italia convention.
However, the Giambruno case and the separation from her now ex-partner led to the absence of Meloni, who preferred to remain at her daughter's side, as she previously announced.
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Before the meeting he had recorded a video message.
This was broadcast at the Brancaccio theater in Rome where the event took place.
In the video message, the Fdi leader explained that: I don't know what time I will return to Italy, I'm not sure I'll be able to physically be with you.
I too am a human being and if there is anyone I can ask for understanding it is the supporters, representatives, militants and leaders of FdI.
According to what reported by Ansa, the video was recorded yesterday for "Victory Italy – A year of results" to celebrate one year of Meloni's government.
The prime minister's absence seems to have attracted new attention and speculation about her private life.
During the speech she also reported the data of what was achieved during the year, saying: …
proud of what we have done, of us, of our management class and of myself.
I can look in the mirror and still see the same person, I walked with my head held high, I didn't compromise.
We have brought to government the real Italy which is not the one described by the newspapers, in the living rooms, we have brought to government the Italy forgotten and humiliated by left-wing governments, the Italy of work, of merit, of entrepreneurial resourcefulness, of family, the Italy of those who always rolled up their sleeves and who were promptly overtaken by the smart and privileged, in a society in which to get ahead you had above all to be part of the right circle of friends.
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The absence at the event has pushed many to analyze this as a moment of weakness.
All the support for the leader came from the majority, in particular from Crosetto who during the convention said that yes, they would have liked to have her there with them, but it is right that at this moment she stays with her daughter.
The most annoyed response comes from Arianna Meloni, who attacks the newspapers and journalists who took the news of the end of the relationship and turned it into gossip.
The choice to criticize the narrative of the newspapers, however understandable, is nevertheless dissociated from an incontrovertible reality: Giambruno's harassment is news, the end of the relationship with the prime minister who built her policy on the traditional family is news.
Before taking the scooter and leaving the event area, the journalists ask her how her sister is and Arianna Meloni simply replies: "How do you think she is?".
Probably like a stone eroded by water.

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