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Political polls, Calenda collapses: Meloni and M5s do badly, Renzi and Forza Italia grow

Big news in the latest political survey by Demos & Pi published by La Repubblica on 13 November.
In view of the European elections which will be held in June where the threshold will be 4% at a national level, there would be great excitement on the moderate front.
The most striking data emerging from the survey is that Azione, compared to the same survey conducted in September, would have lost almost a percentage point with Carlo Calenda who would now be far from the threshold.
At the same time, Matteo Renzi would have improved a lot precisely at the moment in which the separation between Action and Italia Viva was made official in the Senate: for the former prime minister there is also the satisfaction of having found an agreement with Clemente Mastella for the European elections .
The list The Center is thus getting bigger, even if Forza Italia is thinking of a joint list with the UDC and Noi Moderati, two potential allies of the senator from Rignano who, however, are unlikely to "betray" the centre-right.
The clear improvement attested by the Forza Italia poll would thus chase away the ghosts of the electoral flop for Forza Italia, which at this point would seem to have put the League in its sights for an overtaking considered impossible until recently.
read also Candidates for the 2024 European elections: from Renzi to Meloni, who are the big names in the field Political polls: Meloni and the Democratic Party are still going down Matteo Salvini, according to the political poll, could soon find himself the third force of the centre-right: if in the European elections the liste of Forza Italia should overcome the League, goodbye to dreams of recovery and above all goodbye to the hypothesis of a government reshuffle.
In fact, Salvini's objective would be to return to double figures, and then ask Prime Minister Meloni for a few more ministries to "rebalance" the weight of the parties by virtue of the outcome of the community vote; However, if a new flop were to arrive in June, at that point his secretariat would also start to creak.
Despite the negative sign in the poll, Giorgia Meloni would still be well ahead of the already flattering percentages obtained in the last political elections, with the Brothers of Italy having an advantage of over eight percentage points over the Democratic Party.
However, the Democratic Party itself would have increased the gap with the 5 Star Movement, even if the two parties will inevitably have to work together as a team in the future to have any chance of beating the centre-right.
Finally, by remaining among the opposition, it would always remain below the Greens-Left Alliance threshold, while +Europe – a growing figure in the survey – could be Calenda's lifeline in the event of a united list in the European elections.

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