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Andrea Delmastro, who he is, how much he earns and why he was sent to trial

Andrea Delmastro was sent to trial for the Alfredo Cospito case, i.e.
for "revelation of official secrets".
There are those who are calling for his resignation, but the trial will begin on March 12.
Who is Andrea Delmastro? This is the undersecretary of Justice, the man who passed the papers to Donzelli.
On Rete 4, on the program "Stasera Italia", he ruled out having violated secrecy in relation to the Cospito case.
Regarding the case, he said that he was "extraordinarily proud of not having kept secret a fact of unprecedented gravity, that is, that anarchist terrorists in cahoots with mafia criminals attempted to carry out a concentric attack on 41 bis".
Faced with the possibility of repeating the behavior that led to his indictment, Delmastro replied that he would do it again: "I would do it again tomorrow morning, Italians have the right to know that there was an attack on 41 bis." Politics heat up around the Delmastro case, with the Democratic Party and the M5S calling for his resignation and asking Justice Minister Nordio why he defended his undersecretary.
read also What Donzelli and Delmastro did and why there is so much controversy Who is Andrea Delmastro: biography and career Andrea Delmastro Delle Vedove, protagonist of the Cospito case together with Donzelli, is an Italian politician born in Gattinara on 22 October 1976.
Andrea is son of Sandro, lawyer and politician of the National Alliance.
Delmastro's son followed a path very similar to that of his father: he graduated in law from the University of Turin and became a criminal lawyer just like his father.
He began to do politics in the circles of the Youth Front, the youth organization of the Italian social movement-national right.
He also became provincial secretary of the same, before moving to the Alleanza Nazionale youth organisation.
He carried out a long political activity as a provincial councilor of Biella, then a municipal councilor and finally supported by the Brothers of Italy he was a candidate for the chamber in the nominal constituency of Biella in the 2018 political elections.
Very loyal to Giorgia Meloni, he was re-nominated in the 2022 political elections and re-elected with 53.85% of the votes.
With the birth of the Meloni government he was indicated by the Council of Ministers as undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Justice, to support the minister Carlo Nordio and obtaining delegation to the penitential police force.
How much does Andrea Delmastro earn? To answer the question how much does Delmastro earn, we need to answer the question how much do Italian deputies earn.
A normal salary includes a net allowance of 5,000 euros per month, plus the daily allowance and a reimbursement of expenses; to these are added telephone and transport reimbursements.
In total it comes to around 14,000 euros per month, to which is also added an end-of-term allowance.
Through the website of the Chamber of Deputies it is possible to access the asset documentation of the deputy.
The page contains the documents, including the tax return and the changes present from year to year.
The document speaks of no change compared to the previous year, in which the purchase of a property in Biella took place.
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Case-Cospito, the threat of anarchists Why was Delmastro sent to trial? Andrea Delmastro, undersecretary for Justice of Minister Carlo Nordio, believed that MP Donzelli had the right to receive information that was contained in a report with "limited disclosure", but not secret.
This is Delmastro's defense, for which the limited disclosure concerns the chain of the Department of Penitentiary Administration, but has no effect on the political decision maker.
Giovanni Donzelli was unaware of the limited disclosure clause, “because for me there was no secret,” he said.
The line is the one confirmed on February 17th before the prosecutors in Rome, when the undersecretary was investigated for breach of secrecy regarding talks between prisoners and the visit of the deputies of the Democratic Party during Alfredo Cospito's hunger strike.
The news, written by the Sassari penitentiary officers, was in a hurry to be broadcast.
Mauro D'Amico, former head of the Gom, tells it: "On the evening of Sunday 29 January, Doctor Russo (head of the Dap, ed.) called me and told me that it was necessary to write a note on Cospito since he would have to send it to via Arenula (headquarters of the Ministry of Justice, ed.
) urgently" It is precisely the rush and pressure to obtain the package of information that convinced the judge to order the trial for the undersecretary, despite the prosecutors' request for acquittal as the Corriera della Sera recalls.
It was the prosecutors who asked Delmastro if he had disclosed "limited" information to others, in addition to the Donzelli case, and the answer was "I can't rule it out".
And while Delmastro continues to consider himself extraordinarily proud of the actions he has taken, stating that he would do it again tomorrow morning, the opposition is calling for the undersecretary's resignation.
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