Happy New Year video greetings, the most beautiful and funniest for New Year 2024

It's the day of New Year's greetings, for which it can be useful to send a fun and original video through the most common instant messaging applications.
Using a video to wish you a happy 2024 can be a hasty solution capable of guaranteeing the best possible performance while making those who receive it laugh; what better way, after all, to start the new year.
So, after talking about the best greetings for New Year's Eve, as well as the images, here are the videos to use immediately after the countdown (or even before for those who want to get ahead of it) here is a list of the best videos to wish a start to the year with a bang.
Videos that you can share to friends, relatives and colleagues with a few simple steps: just choose the video you prefer; click on the “Copy link” button found at the top right of the video (from a mobile phone the icon appears directly in the centre); go to WhatsApp or Telegram, choose the friend you want to send it to and select the “Paste” option that appears by holding down the text bar.
At this point all you have to do is send the same video to other people, or choose another one so as to differentiate your messages of good wishes for a good 2023.
Geopolitics summarized in a cartoon 2023 was a year full of events on the geopolitical front, one above all the outbreak of the new conflict between Hamas and Israel.
To summarize what happened is this cartoon in which the protagonists are balloons colored like the flag of the country they refer to.
To quote Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory series, “let's have fun with flags!” Mr.
Bean's New Year's Eve Party Do you remember how many laughs you had with the gags of Mr Bean, a character played by the famous British actor Rowan Atkinson? Here is one of the most famous, among other things dedicated to New Year's Eve celebrations.
Fantozzi's New Year's Eve Other famous end-of-year celebrations are those featuring Fantozzi, one of the most beloved characters of Italian comedy.
The Christmas holidays have no breaks.
Do you feel as if these holidays have no breaks? Then this is the video that best represents you.
Paolo Fox's Horoscope Another video that may be perfect for sharing for New Year's Eve is the one featuring Paolo Fox with his horoscope for 2024.
What will be the luckiest sign for 2024? Success, work and money, this is what the new year will bring with it, at least according to what the stars tell us.
Another classic of Italian comedy.
And after Fantozzi, Christian De Sica on the piano cannot be missing, a true showman.
And who doesn't have at least one in the family, the one who gets the ball rolling close to the countdown? And yet another…
Historic phrase, a cult scene remained in the annals of Italian comedy: so much so that the protagonist, Toninho Cerezo, historic Roma midfielder, said that – especially in this period of the year – there are several Italians who they write to him to ask him what he will do on New Year's Eve.
For Marco Urbinati, alias Luca Covelli, there is no doubt about it…
New Year's Eve songs: Happy New Year Here is a perfect song for a musical New Year's Eve.
“Happy New Year”, a song by Abba, a Swedish pop musical group who released their latest album in 2021 which marks the end of a glorious career.
The Simpsons Prophecies What will happen in 2024? Many have tried to answer, from Nostradamus to Bill Gates.
In this funny video, however, we try to look at future events as predicted by the most followed family on television: the Simpsons.
2023 on TikTok 2023 was the year in which TikTok consolidated its success around the world, with many new trends going viral on the web.
The Jackals summarized them in a video: are you able to spot every single quote? The New Year's Eve countdown We conclude with a classic, the countdown to New Year's Eve 2023.
Minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Happy New Year!

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