US Stock Market Calendar 2023-2024: NYSE hours and holidays

The 2023-2024 US stock market calendar is available here for investors and anyone interested in Wall Street trading.
Knowing in detail the trading days and hours in New York is essential for those who invest in the stock market, especially if there are holidays on which the exchanges are closed or undergo time changes.
With 2023 approaching the holiday season and 2024 about to begin, knowing which US stock market closing and opening days are with an updated calendar is necessary.
Below is the detail of all times and holidays.
US Stock Exchange: 2024 holiday and closure calendar In 2024, the US Stock Exchange will be closed on the following holidays, during which all trading on Wall Street is inactive: January 1 (first day of the year); January 15 (Martin Luther King HR Day); February 19 (Washington's birthday); March 29 (Good Friday); May 27 (Memorial Day); June 19 (Juneteenth National Independence Day); July 4th (Independence Day); September 2 (Labor Day); November 28 (Thanksgiving Day); December 25 (Christmas) Additionally, on July 3, November 29 and December 24, the US Stock Exchange will close trading at 1:00 pm local time.
US stock exchange: 2023 Wall Street closing calendar The 2023 Wall Street trading calendar highlights which are the public holidays, during which trading is completely closed.
Below are the public holidays, therefore without trading, of the NYSE 2023: January 2 (day after the first of the year); January 16 (Martin Luther King, Jr.
Day) February 20 (Washington's birthday) April 7 (Good Friday) May 29 (Memorial Day) June 19 (Juneteenth holiday) July 4 (Independence Day) September 4 (Labor Day) November 23 ( Thanksgiving Day) December 25 (Christmas) Furthermore, on July 3 (the day before Independence Day) and November 24 (after Thanksgiving Day) the US Stock Exchange will close trading at 1.00 pm local time.
US stock exchange: NYSE trading hours To follow US trading you need to know the official hours.
The American stock exchange follows the following trading hours: opening: 3.30 pm Italian time, 9.30 am USA time; closing: 10.00 pm Italian time, 4.00 pm USA.
Summer and standard time on Wall Street The United States adopts summer time on the second Sunday of March, in 2024 on March 10, while Italy makes the change last of the month (March 24, 2024).
During these 20 days, the Wall Street calendar undergoes a small time change.
Trading starts at 2.30pm Italian time and ends at 9.00pm.

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