How much does Villa Matilda, the new summer residence of Ferragni and Fedez, cost

In an interview Chiara Ferragni said she dreamed of a house on the lake and in the end, as the well-known fitness influencer Stefania Susca (@stefaniasugarfree) points out, “dreams become projects and projects become reality”.
The Ferragnez's new home, Villa Matilda, lives between dream and reality.
The images published by Chiara Ferragni online show an elegant house with soft colours.
The effect of the interior is a modern, almost futuristic cottegecore style, which clearly differs from the outside.
This instead appears more similar to the house with lights, The Empire of Lights, painted by René Magritte.
While Chiara Ferragni announces the new house in her own way, her husband Fedez does it in his own way, showing the behind the scenes of the "move" in an ironic way.
But what is Villa Matilda and how much does the Ferragnez family's new summer residence cost? read also Negative outlooks increase for European luxury companies.
Here's why How is Villa Matilda made? Villa Matilda is the new luxurious residence of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez.
It is a villa on Lake Como of over 900 m2, divided into two floors and a basement.
The luxury residence is located in a small village of around 700 inhabitants, namely Pognana Lario.
Villa Matilda was presented in various ways, starting from the social images of Chiara Ferragni, up to a professional photographic set published by the specialized magazine Architectural Digest.
What is shown, in addition to the internal style, is the subdivision of the rooms and the exteriors, all finely furnished, but the infinity pool above all stands out, overlooking Lake Como.
Unlike houses in Milan, Villa Matilda seems to be a family home (luxurious of course) but far from the frenzy of a city apartment.
read also Who is the richest in Italy? The 2023 ranking of the 10 billionaires: Ferrero ahead of Armani and Stevanato Why is it called Villa Matilda? Curiosity about Villa Matilda is the name.
For fans of the couple there are no secrets about the meaning of the name, for others however a doubt could arise.
The luxurious villa on Lake Como is the family villa and a fundamental part of the family could not be missing, we could say the link that united Chiara Ferragni and Fedez.
In fact, as he recalled in the post dedicated to his dog, it was Matilda who introduced them.
Matilda, the name of the 13-year-old French bulldog who passed away last July 28, will thus be at the side of the Ferragnez family in a different way.
For fans of the couple, there is nothing sweeter than dedicating the villa to a member of the family, even if it's a four-legged one.
read also The most dangerous cities in Italy, the updated ranking How much does the Ferragnez's new house cost? Villa Matilda is a luxurious lakeside villa.
From the interior to the exterior, everything screams luxury.
But how much is it? Il Messaggero reports a figure regarding the cost of purchasing the house, equal to approximately 5 million euros.
However, there is no information on whether the price is to be considered on the structure or already complete with furnishings and/or possible modifications.
Further details on construction, furnishings and specific requests may emerge in the future.
At the moment all that remains is to admire the light coming from the large windows and how a suggestive view of Lake Como opens up through them.

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