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“Cost of Home Rescuing Plan: How Much Will the Amnesty Cost?”

The Salvini’s plan to save houses: what you need to know

The Salvini’s plan to save houses is not free, but it will allow to regularize all the small irregularities made over time inside the domestic walls.
Matteo Salvini is keen to emphasize that this is not a building amnesty because in case of abusive constructions built without permission and where it’s not allowed to build, he states that “there, the bulldozer will come”.

The main purpose of the plan is to regularize the small building abuses that have been carried out in Italian homes, such as a partition wall to create an extra room, a second bathroom, a mezzanine, or moving an internal door within the apartment.

What does the plan involve?

Salvini’s plan is expected to be launched before the upcoming European elections.
The Deputy Prime Minister reiterates his point of view emphasizing that, while Europe imposes new expenses on Italians for the required upgrading due to the green housing directive, they are working on a measure to regularize the small irregularities that currently affect many Italian houses.

The intervention that the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is working on seems to focus only on regularization for minor irregularities that could have been rectified at the time of implementation but not anymore due to the double compliance requirement.

Protecting property owners

The purpose of the plan is to protect small property owners who need to renovate or sell their property but cannot do so due to unresolved irregularities.

The main issue mainly concerns properties built before the 1960s, which, in most cases, do not have documentation of the actual state, and their floor plan hardly corresponds to the one recorded in the Land Registry.

The cost of regularization

Regularizing irregularities will not be free.
Although no specific figures have been mentioned yet, the idea is to set a higher price for irregularities that deviate more significantly from compliance.
The estimated revenue could reach 8-10 billion euros, benefiting the Municipalities.

In conclusion, Salvini’s plan aims to streamline bureaucracy, protect homeowners, and generate revenue for local authorities.
Stay tuned for further updates on this topic.

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