Elezioni amministrative 2024

Elections 2024, where people vote in Italy and around the world: why it will be a decisive year

Elections 2024: it will be a fundamental year for politics – both in Italy and abroad – given the many delicate electoral events that will take place in the coming months.
Not only the European elections as well as the inevitable local and regional elections, but also the presidential elections in the United States and the general elections in the United Kingdom and Russia.
Given the delicate international context, with two wars like those in Ukraine and the Holy Land which are reshuffling the geopolitical structures in recent decades, the elections to be held in 2024 could be a sort of watershed for the future of the entire planet.
The first thought turns to the presidential elections in the United States where the polls give Donald Trump an advantage over Joe Biden, but also in the United Kingdom there could be big changes in Downing Street with Labor clearly ahead, while in the European Union there The growth of right-wing forces should be noted.
In short, the elections to be held in 2024 could bring about big changes, especially in the West, given that in Russia where Vladimir Putin will rerun for a new mandate there should be no surprises.
In theory, 2024 should also be the year of presidential elections in Ukraine, but the war should lead to a postponement of the vote: in addition to logistical difficulties there would also be the inability of refugees and soldiers on the front to vote.
read also What do you need to vote? Elections 2024: what to vote for in Italy 2024, politically speaking, will be a very intense year as far as Italy is concerned.
All attention is naturally focused on the European elections which will be held here on Sunday 9 June, with the Belpaese being called upon to elect 73 MEPs out of a total of 705.
On the same date the polls in Italy could also open for the first round of administrative elections – there will be voting in over 3,800 municipalities of which 27 are provincial capitals with highly anticipated appointments such as those in Florence, Bari and Cagliari – and for the regional elections in Piedmont.
However, the first electoral appointment of 2024 in Italy will be – in February – the one with the regional elections in Abruzzo, which will be followed closely by those in Sardinia while in March it will be the turn of Basilicata.
The regional program will then be closed by elections in Umbria in the autumn.
2024: elections in the world Even in Europe, naturally, all eyes are on the European elections where the sovereignists aim to fill up the seats to try to form a centre-right majority together with the Popolari, thus cutting out the Socialists and Liberals who together make up to the EPP the triad that has always dictated the law at Palazzo Berlaymont.
But first – exactly on March 10th – there will be legislative elections in Portugal in the Old Continent, made necessary by the end one year ahead of the natural expiry of the centre-left government led by Antonio Costa.
March 17, however, will be the date of the presidential elections in Russia where Vladimir Putin, barring any sensational surprises, will still be in the field seeking his fifth presidential mandate.
A similar scenario is that of Belarus with President Aleksandr Lukashenko who will be re-elected at the end of February.
In December, however, there will be elections in the United Kingdom with the current conservative prime minister Rishi Sunak in great difficulty in the polls: to date the big favorite for Downing Street is the Labor leader Keir Starmer.
The most anticipated electoral event of 2024 is undoubtedly that of the presidential elections in the United States which will be held on Tuesday 5 November.
The primaries for the definition of candidates for the White House will begin in January in the USA for both the Democrats and the Republicans.
Also in this case the polls are clear, with Joe Biden and Donald Trump who should have no problems obtaining a nomination.
The head-to-head between the two great rivals instead appears to be very balanced, with the tycoon indicated just ahead of the current president: as happened in 2018, in all likelihood the 2024 US elections will also be decided in the swing states where at the moment the GOP would be in the lead.
As for the 2024 electoral events in the rest of the world, the elections that will be held in Taiwan on January 13th are very delicate, while in the spring there will also be voting in India where Prime Minister Narendra Modi is aiming for his third mandate.
In March, however, it will be Iran's turn – also in this case the parliamentarians should not lead to major news – with Mexico which will instead indicate the new president in June with the challenge which will be between two women: Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo for the center-left and Xochtil Galvez for the right.

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