Local elections in Italy 2023

Foggia 2023 administrative elections: times, candidates and results

Foggia 2023 elections: everything is ready for the administrative elections in the Apulian town, with the polls opening on 22 and 23 October to elect the new mayor after the long commissionership.
In total there will be five mayoral candidates in the field in the Foggia 2023 administrative elections, with the centre-right deciding to focus on Raffaele Di Mauro while the large centre-left coalition has chosen Maria Aida Episcopo as the aspiring first citizen.
Completing the list of candidates are the former five-star member Nunzio Angiola as well as the civic leaders Antonio De Sabato and Giuseppe Mainiero who is trying again after the 3% obtained in the 2019 local elections won by the then outgoing centre-right mayor Franco Landella.
So let's see the date and times of the Foggia 2023 administrative elections, also taking a look at the electoral law in force and what the lists are in support of the five mayoral candidates.
As regards the results, the counting – which can be followed live below – will start at 3pm on Monday 26 October.
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Here is who they are and which parties and lists support them.
CandidateListsVotes Nunzio Angiola Angiola mayor, Foggia Effect, Foggia 5.0, Ora! / Antonio De Sabato Antonio De Sabato Mayor, Fellow Citizen Project / Raffaele Di Mauro Brothers of Italy, Forza Italia, Prima Foggia, Di Mauro Mayor-We Moderates, Liberals and Reformists-nPSI / Maria Aida Episcopo Democratic Party, 5 Star Movement, Times New-Action, Political Community for Foggia, With, We Popular, Nobody Excluded, Southern Italy, Civil Recovery, Popular for Foggia / Giuseppe Mainiero Giuseppe Mainiero Mayor, Rest in Foggia with Mainiero Mayor / Starting from 3.00 pm on Monday Votes will be counted on October 26th until the official results are announced.
The date and times After the administration of the Municipality, the administrative elections in Foggia did not take place at the end of spring together with all the others scheduled for this 2023, with the polls set to open again in the middle of autumn.
The first round of the administrative elections in Foggia will in fact take place on Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd October.
As regards the times, on the first day polling stations are open from 07:00 to 23:00, while on Monday voting will take place from 07:00 to 15:00.
If no candidate obtains an absolute majority in the first round, the two most voted will be involved in a run-off to be held on Sunday 5 and Monday 6 November at the same times.
The electoral law The electoral law of administrative elections in Italy is majority-based as regards the election of the mayor, while the distribution of councilors takes place in a proportional manner.
Since Foggia is a municipality with more than 15,000 inhabitants, if no candidate in the first round obtains an absolute majority then a run-off will be held between the two most voted.
If there is a perfect head-to-head tie, the oldest candidate will be elected mayor.
To guarantee the formation of a solid majority and consequently substantial governability, the lists linked to the winning mayoral candidate will be allocated 60% of the seats; the remaining seats on the Council will then be assigned to the other lists in a proportional manner through the "D'Hondt method".
At the division of seats, a total of 32 councilors excluding the mayor will be elected.
All lists and groups of lists of candidates that have exceeded the threshold of 3% of valid votes will be admitted.
As regards the voting methods, in municipalities with more than 15,000 inhabitants, split voting is permitted, with the voter being able to express up to two preferences while maintaining gender equality (one man and one woman).
read also Local elections, mayoral election ballot: how it works and how to vote The candidates After the two councils led by Franco Landella, the centre-right in Foggia has chosen to start again with Raffaele Di Mauro: lawyer and provincial coordinator of Forza Italia, it will be his turn lead the coalition.
On the centre-left, however, a broad progressive camp will be on stage in the local elections in Foggia, with the director of the provincial school office Maria Aida Episcopo who will be able to count on the support of a vast coalition that goes from the Democratic Party to the M5s, passing through the left and the moderates.
The former deputy of the 5 Star Movement Nunzio Angiola, however, after spending time in the ranks of Action, will run on his own behalf supported by three civic lists.
There will instead be two lists in support of the former city councilor Antonio De Sabato, the same number as the civic Giuseppe Mainiero.

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