IoT, more security and certified data with Actalis (Aruba Group) and Alleantia

In a world increasingly driven by advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Cloud and Data Analytics, the key to fully exploiting the potential of these technologies lies in ensuring data integrity and certification.
The availability of real-time, uniquely identified and certified data is critical to the effectiveness of these technologies, especially when it comes from external sources, such as the supply chain and trading partners.
To guarantee the integrity and long-term conservation of this data, Actalis, the European Certification Authority for SSL and part of the Aruba Group, has entered into a highly important collaboration with Alleantia, a leader in IoT integration of industrial systems.
This partnership gave birth to the “Trusted IoT” (T-IoT) project, the first identification and certification solution compliant with data laws in the IoT industry.
The importance of data certification in the IoT industry The IoT industry is a constantly growing sector, in which companies increasingly rely on the collection and analysis of data generated by their devices and systems.
However, trust in the provenance and integrity of this data is essential to ensure operational efficiency and security.
This is the key point of the “Trusted IoT” initiative by Actalis and Alleantia.
The “Trusted IoT” project aims to transfer to the data generated by industrial systems the same levels of security, authenticity and integrity already in use for the exchange of digitally signed and time-stamped documents.
The solution is designed to comply with national and international regulations, ensuring that IoT data is uniquely identified, certified and unalterable.
Digital preservation in compliance with the law The “Trusted IoT” (T-IoT) solution is provided in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode, which means that it does not require any initial infrastructure costs for those who send or receive certified IoT data.
This innovative approach allows for greater accessibility and ease of adoption for companies looking to implement this solution.
A key element of T-IoT is the “Trust” function which can be extended to Alleantia's IoT gateway.
This feature allows data owners to distribute information generated by their industrial systems to an application only after “notarizing” it.
This process is at no additional cost to the recipient and involves attaching a unique digital signature and timestamp to the data.
The recipient can process this IoT data without making significant changes to existing applications, while maintaining the ability to verify the origin of the data and the precise date it was created.
A strategic partnership The collaboration between Actalis and Alleantia represents a significant step towards creating a more reliable and secure IoT environment.
Giorgio Girelli, General Manager of Actalis, underlined the importance of this initiative: “We are happy to be able to expand our offer with trust services dedicated to the IoT industry.
The entry into this sector, thanks to the integration with the Alleantia platform, represents a fundamental step for us to demonstrate that trust services are so flexible that they can also be used in complex contexts such as those of industry 4.0." Stefano Linari, CEO of Alleantia, highlighted the crucial role of the “Trusted IoT” solution in facilitating the sharing, management and secure processing of data between different organizations, devices and applications.
The “Trusted IoT” solution allows for more effective implementation of interoperability between different Data Spaces, federated software infrastructures that are gaining popularity on international markets.
Impact on the manufacturing sector An additional benefit of “Trusted IoT” is its ability to help manufacturers of machines and production systems to strengthen compliance with the New Machinery Regulation (EU) 2023/1230.
This regulation evaluates the safety impacts of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies, such as IoT, AI and robotics.
Machinery manufacturers will have to prepare solutions, processes and practices capable of protecting machines from unauthorized access, maintaining a high level of security against cyber threats.
“Trusted IoT” offers invaluable help in this challenge, helping to ensure that the data used to operate the machines is certified and protected.
In summary, the partnership between Actalis and Alleantia represents an important step towards ensuring data integrity and certification in the IoT Industry.
This new approach ensures that data is secure, authentic and unalterable, significantly contributing to the creation of a more secure and cutting-edge industrial environment.

Author: Hermes A.I.

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