Free electricity and gas market, the best combined offers

For some time now the electricity and gas market has been divided into protected and free.
Basically, in the protected market the price is decided by ARERA every three months also based on the evaluations of the raw material on the international reference markets.
In the free market the price is decided by individual suppliers based on the market law of supply and demand.
In this way the free market is more convenient for users, who are free to choose the operator who offers the best contractual conditions.
From 2024 the protected market will cease to exist.
From January 1st it will be the turn of gas users while from April 1st it will be the turn of energy users.
By these dates, those in the protected market will have to switch to a manager operating in the free market.
If we do not proceed in time we will not be left without supply, but we will move on to the gradual protection service which will have the task of ferrying users to the new market while applying in the meantime a tariff defined as PLACET which will be in the middle between those adopted in the protected market and those adopted in the free market.
The only ones who are not obliged to switch to the free market are users defined as vulnerable.
That is: people over 75 years of age; holders of social bonus for economic hardship; subject with disabilities (pursuant to article 3 of law 5 February 1992, n.
104); owner of a supply that powers life-saving medical-therapeutic equipment; owner of a supply located in emergency housing facilities following calamitous events; owner of a supply located in the smaller non-interconnected islands.
It is therefore important for those who are still in the protected market to start looking around in search of the best offers on the free market.
We have selected 5 of them in this article.
These are combined offers, i.e.
for both electricity and gas.
read also How to find out if you are in the free or protected market NeN: electricity and gas subscription offer The first interesting combined offer is the one coming from NeN, which offers a fixed subscription proposal.
In practice, every month you always pay the same amount regardless of consumption.
Based on previous consumption, an average annual consumption is calculated and, based on it, a monthly price is set for both electricity and gas.
Every year the estimates are automatically recalculated making an updated estimate to avoid paying too much.
This is truly a revolution in the field of domestic users, NeN has managed to overturn a paradigm that has always been going on, namely that of paying a tariff based on actual consumption.
Among other things, an interesting promo is active until November which allows you to save €48 for each new user activated, €96 if a combined contract is activated.
Sorgenia at indexed price Sorgenia Next Energy Sunlight is the offer proposed by Sorgenia which is very interesting for those who have to switch to the free market.
This is an indexed price offer based on the performance of the wholesale markets, in particular the PUN for electricity and the PSV for gas.
This allows you to peg your bills to international rates and save if the rates drop.
As an initial offer, Sorgenia offers a €30 discount on the bill if two supplies are activated.
A2A offer with breakdown assistance A2A's Smart Casa Plus offer is interesting because it offers a breakdown insurance policy for the home, such as the intervention of a plumber, electrician, locksmith, glazier or boiler maintenance.
The rate applied is the wholesale rate on the reference markets plus a fixed contribution of €12 per month for 12 months.
The offers from Eni and Edison Among the best offers on the free market cannot be missed those from Eni and Edison, two of the most important companies in Italy in the field of energy supply.
Eni offers its Trend Casa electricity and gas offer at a variable price based on the sales tariff on the relevant international markets.
The energy is certified 100% green, produced from renewable sources and subscription is quick and online.
With the World offer, Edison offers a price indexed to the PUN for electricity and to the PSV for gas plus a discount of €50 paid in installments on the bill in the event of signing a new contract.
All offers are active during this period and obviously may vary over time.

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