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Black Swan 2024, attention: what can happen between the USA and NATO

We are approaching 2024 and according to journalist Federico Rampini it could be a year of even epochal changes in how world geopolitics has been structured to date.
The prophecy published in the Corriere reveals a black swan scenario, opening up the hypothesis of the United States leaving NATO.
A prediction linked to the possible victory of Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential elections.
Rampini spoke openly about a black swan, that is, an ancient metaphor that expresses the concept according to which a rare, unpredictable and unexpected event will occur with a strong impact on the trend of history.
The black swan, a rare and elegant animal, has found itself over the years becoming the symbol of the unpredictability of life, for better or for worse.
Something that changes the existence of man and also the balance between peoples, between communities, between people, and with nature.
Here's what can happen between NATO and the USA Federico Rampini revealed it without mincing words in the Corriere.
Donald Trump's eventual return to the White House in 2024 would be a black swan.
The probability is not remote given the presidential polls which see the former US president ahead of the outgoing Biden.
His re-election – according to Rampini – would be a black swan, that is, an unpredictable event that could also mean the USA is far from NATO.
Already during his first presidency, Trump spoke several times about this possibility of leaving NATO, especially in talks with his collaborators who managed to dissuade him.
Now it could be different and NATO's future could be in danger.
For 75 years, NATO has guaranteed peace and serenity in the world and without a fundamental partner like the USA, it would become very weak and would be difficult to continue its existence.
A NATO without the USA or even the end of NATO would mark a drastic break with the past.
It would mean a return to a new policy based on the US isolationism that has long been dominant since the founding of the United States.
We just have to wait for the new year to understand what will happen.
Trump is convinced that the United States has no real vital interests to defend with an expensive and cumbersome military presence in Europe.
A US exit would leave Europe to its fate both economically and politically.
For Trump and his collaborators, America must limit its commitments in the world to focus on a few priorities that truly touch its strategic interests.
China could be one of these, but also the Mexico issue with the immigration problem.
With the departure of the United States from NATO, the Americans would bring home most or all of their soldiers stationed in Europe, and would transfer a large part of the burdens and responsibilities for their defense onto their European allies.
The alliance would remain in force but only on paper and not in substance.
It would be a sort of sleeper Born.
And a weakening of NATO would strengthen states like Russia and China ready to expand their dominance in the world.
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