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VAT numbers and deposit December 27th, who is required to pay?

Among the latest tax deadlines scheduled for 2023, there is the 2023 VAT advance, to be paid by 27 December 2023, but who is required to pay? How is the calculation done? Are there any subjects excluded? Here is everything you need to know about the VAT payment on 27 December 2023.
Subjects obliged to pay the VAT advance on 27 December and calculation VAT subjects are required to pay with a few exclusions which we will see shortly and the amount depends on the method used for calculating VAT advances.
VAT number holders who have chosen the historical method can carry out the calculation by referring to the payment relating to the month of December 2022, for monthly taxpayers and to the payment of the annual return if they are taxpayers with quarterly VAT.
The amount is equal to 88% of the payment made.
Those who have chosen the forecasting method start from the assumption that the business volume will be lower than that achieved in the previous year.
In this case the percentage is equal to 88% of the forecast estimate adopted.
Those who have chosen the analytical method will pay a deposit equal to 100% of the operations registered from 1 to 20 December 2023 if monthly VAT taxpayers and 100% of the operations registered from 1 October to 20 December for quarterly taxpayers.
read also monthly VAT and quarterly VAT, differences, obliged subjects Subjects excluded from the VAT advance payment of 27 December Not all VAT holders are required to pay the VAT advance by 27 December 2023.
Those who once once the calculation has been made, they owe the tax authorities a sum less than 103.29 euros.
Furthermore, those who are not in possession of the data relating to the "historical" or "forecast" are excluded, a condition in which they fall: those who have ceased business by November 30th if they pay monthly VAT and by September 30th if they pay the quarterly VAT; those who closed the previous tax period with a tax credit regardless of the submission of the refund request; those who have made the payment for the month of December or for the last quarter of the previous tax period but expect to end the year with a tax deductible surplus.
Naturally, those who: only carry out non-taxable operations for VAT purposes are not required to pay; agricultural producers; subjects who carry out entertainment and games activities under special regime, amateur sports associations and non-profit associations; those who have opted for the flat rate regime; collectors and resellers of scrap, waste, waste paper, glass and the like, exempted from the obligations of liquidation and payment of the tax; individual entrepreneurs who have rented the only company (by November 30th if monthly VAT payers and by September 30th if quarterly VAT payers); read also Tax deadlines January 2024, watch out for Irpef and Rai license fee slippage

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