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Salary increase for housekeepers and carers in 2024, the new amounts scare families

Bad news for families, good news for those who work as domestic workers and carers or any other domestic job.
In fact, as required by law, every year the salaries of housekeepers and carers must be adjusted to the cost of living: which, for example, led to an increase of 9.2% in 2023.
An increase that has passed on to families , many of which are beginning to have difficulty in covering the costs of hiring housekeepers and carers, also given the lack of adequate tools to facilitate deductions and deductions.
But that's not all: although inflation has slowed down, this year too it has been very high, so much so that it led to a 5.4% increase in pensions.
A similar percentage should also be applied to the costs of housekeepers and carers, with an increase which, depending on the case, can reach up to 90 euros per month.
The wages of housekeepers and carers are therefore about to increase further, which is obviously an advantage for the worker.
But we must also take the families' side – also because the more costs rise, the greater the risk of illegal work increases – and think of solutions that can make the expenditure incurred more sustainable.
By how much does the salary of housekeepers and carers increase? The revaluation affects the minimum wages indicated by the National Collective Labor Agreement for housekeepers and carers.
In this regard, the rate that will be applied is not yet official, but it should not be too far from the 5.4% used for pensions.
To get an idea, therefore, we can calculate the increase using the following percentage.
Here is a table that summarizes the new amounts comparing them with those expected in 2023.
Level Minimum salary 2023 Minimum salary 2024 Allowance 2023 Allowance 2024 More supported 2023 More supported 2024 Total 2023 Total 2024 DS 1,384.46 euros 1,459.22 euros 194.98 euros 205 .51 euros 112.34 euros 118.41 euros 1,691.78 euros 1,783.14 euros D 1,389.74 euros 1,389.74 euros 194.98 euros 205.51 euros — — 1,513.52 euros CS 1,120.76 euro 1,181.28 euro 11.24 euro 11.85 euro 112.34 euro 118.41 euro 1,244.34 euro C 1,054.85 euro 1,111.81 euro — — — — 1,054.85 euro 1,111.81 euros BS 988.90 euros 1,043.30 euros — — — — 988.90 euros 1,043.30 euros B 922.98 euros 972.82 euros — — — – — 922.98 euros 972.82 euros AS 857.06 euros 903.34 euros — — — — 857.06 euros 903.34 euros A 725.19 euros 764.35 euros — — — — 725.19 euros 764.35 euros We therefore go from an increase of 40 euros to an increase of around 90 euros for families, with an annual expense that in the worst case it can be 1,000 euros higher than this year.
The current measures and the Associations' requests for 1,000 euros more, a figure that obviously scares families who are already burdened by the costs of inflation.
In this regard, there continues to be a demand for new forms of support aimed at families who employ housekeepers, carers and other domestic workers.
Today, in fact, the so-called bonuses for carers and housekeepers are limited to: 19% deduction of the expenses incurred for the payment of social security and welfare contributions, calculated on a maximum expenditure of 2,100 euros.
This benefit is valid only for expenses incurred for the assistance of severely disabled or non-self-sufficient people; deduction of up to 1,549.37 euros per year for contributions paid to domestic workers and carers.
Aid which, however, is not enough: in this regard, Assindatcolf has been putting pressure on the government for some time to modify this latest benefit, allowing Italian families to deduct – thus benefiting from a reduction in the tax base on which taxes are calculated – all the expenses incurred for hiring housekeepers and carers, therefore the salary in addition to contributions.
A benefit which would result in savings of between 2 thousand and 5 thousand euros per year, thus making the hiring of a domestic worker in good standing more sustainable.

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