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Paying taxes on Bitcoin is simple with Cryptosmart

With the 2023 Budget Law, as part of the process of regulating innovative markets such as that of cryptocurrencies which sees Europe in a cutting-edge position with the recent MiCa regulation, Italy has also clarified much better than in the past whether, as and when taxes must be paid on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.
If on the one hand the emergence of clear regulation also at a tax level certainly brings benefits for all holders of crypto-assets, on the other hand it is not so easy to define in a simple way how many taxes must be paid, here is the guide with everyone the details for the calculation.
Taxes on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: the Cryptosmart solution To meet the difficulties of users, Cryptosmart, an Italian exchange based in Umbria, has announced an important partnership that will greatly simplify the tax management of its customers.
Cryptosmart has in fact completed its integration with Okipo, a specialized software that offers an advanced platform for calculating tax reports relating to capital gains and losses from cryptocurrencies.
Open an account with Cryptosmart Thanks to this integration, Cryptosmart customers will be able to easily generate their tax reports and have the taxes to be paid, if due, calculated in just a few clicks.
The tax regulation of Crypto-activities institutionalizes a sector that has been in a regulatory and fiscal gray area for over 10 years and makes it increasingly logical to operate for your purchases with a single company that is based in our country in order to have a superior legal protection compared to exchanges that are often based on the other side of the world.
Obviously, in the spirit that has characterized Bitcoin since its foundation, those who own Bitcoin are primarily responsible for the technical management of their cryptocurrencies, which is why it is always advisable to transfer all the assets that you do not intend to exchange in the short term to a cold wallet.
Thanks to this new partnership, if you have an account with Cryptosmart it will be much easier to reconcile movements to and from your personal cold wallet, combining the convenience and advantages of an exchange regulated in Italy with the best management practices of your digital assets.
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