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Pensions, adjustment alarm which reduces the amount

Increases are coming to January pensions (but not for everyone) but not only that: as explained by the INPS, in fact, the adjustment has been made in the next payslip from which cuts could result.
An event particularly feared by pensioners, as the tax adjustment can result in an increase but also a cut which, depending on the case, can be so significant as to limit the effects of the revaluation.
It is therefore good to focus on the reason why, despite the increases announced, the January pension risks being even lower than that of December.
Also because, there is not only the adjustment: after this month's parenthesis, from next month the withholding taxes for regional and municipal surcharges will be applied again.
Pensions, what is the adjustment and when does it reduce the allowance As confirmed by the INPS with the specific guide on the pension payslip published monthly on the official website, in January the INPS carried out the adjustment.
In detail, this is a final recalculation of the tax withholdings relating to 2023, such as Irpef and additional regional and municipal taxes.
In short, the INPS, taking into account only the pension benefits provided by it, calculated the overall amount paid to the pensioner.
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As explained by the INPS, the recovery of taxes usually takes place on the January and February installments, even with the elimination of the pension being paid where the taxes due are equal to or greater than the installment being paid.
There is an exception: for pensioners with a total annual amount of payments of up to 18 thousand euros for which the Irpef recalculation has led to a debt adjustment of an amount exceeding 100 euros, the sums due are paid in installments over 11 months, starting from January and until November 2024.
The next adjustment.
Care must be taken not to confuse the January adjustment with the one following the presentation of the tax return.
In the first case, in fact, the recalculation of taxes concerns only the treatments provided by INPS: it cannot therefore be excluded that following the adjustment there will still be an IRPEF debt to be paid for the 2023 tax year.
The answer the definitive tax will only be obtained during the tax return, when the pensioner communicates to the treasury all the income received (for example from work or the maintenance allowance) being able, among other things, to benefit from deductions and deductions.
The other taxes on the payslip for January 2024.
In addition to the adjustment, the monthly Irpef quota is withheld from the pension treatment, on which the innovations introduced by the 2024 Budget law must be considered with which the rate due on the amount between 15 thousand and 28 thousand euros drops from 25% to 23%.
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We will have to wait, however, for the withholding for municipal surcharge on account for 2024, as it runs from March (until November).

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