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Lotto draws, Superenalotto today 26 March 2024, live

Today Tuesday 26 March new appointment with the Lotto and Superenalotto draws.
It will be the first appointment of the week and it starts with a bang given that in the Superenalotto the jackpot up for grabs will be 80,400,000 euros.
The race for 6 also came to nothing in Saturday's draw where however there were 4 wins with 5 points with the lucky winners taking home 52,341.87 euros.
Saturday's draw full of Lotto winnings too.
Of note is the amazing one that took place in Capaci, in the province of Palermo, where a terno on the Sicilian wheel with the numbers 5-19-76 won 69,000 euros thanks to a bet of 21 euros in total, 6 on both and 15 on the terno.
This was the biggest win of the last draw.
In second place was the 22,500 euros won in Rome as a result of a win on Tutti le Ruote.
Closing the podium is the win of 21,375 euros centered in Abano Terme, in the province of Padua.
Winnings also at 10 and Lotto with the highest being 10,000 euros in Naples and Guardiagrele, in the province of Chieti, against very low stakes: 4 euros and 1 euro respectively.
Here are the winning numbers drawn this evening.
Lotto draws, Superenalotto today 26 March 2024, live 8.13pm Lotto draws today: all the winning numbers wheel by wheel Bari: 30-51-17-1-53 Cagliari: 13-70-25-68-47 Florence: 28-30-54-70-88 Genoa: 67-87-22-3-62 Milan: 22-34-13-47-24 Naples: 20-72-59-1-52 Palermo: 5-72- 65-52-32 Rome: 28-43-75-54-87 Turin: 16-8-17-24-38 Venice: 67-28-55-60-29 National: 15-69-22-63-39 20 :08 Lotto draw: wheels of Venice and National Venice: 67-28-55-60-29 National: 15-69-22-63-39 20:06 Lotto draw: wheels of Florence, Palermo and Turin Florence: 28 -30-52-70-88 Palermo: 5-72-65-52-32 Turin: 16-8-17-24-38 20:04 Lotto draw: wheels of Bari, Cagliari, Genoa Bari: 30-51- 17-1-53 Cagliari: 13-70-25-68-47 Genoa: 67-87-22-3-62 20:02 Lotto draw: wheels of Rome, Milan and Naples Rome: 28-43-75-54 -87 Milan: 22-34-13-47-24 Naples: 20-72-59-1-52 18:51 Superenalotto: frequent and late numbers Here are the most frequent numbers at Superenalotto: 6-55-77-79- 85-86 Here are the most late numbers in the Superenalotto: 1-18-21-31-40-65 5.52pm Lotto: all the late numbers wheel by wheel Here are all the late numbers in the Lotto: on the Bari wheel the number 23 is missing from 81 draws; on the Cagliari wheel the number 16 has been missing for 102 draws; on the wheel of Florence the number 7 has been missing for 64 draws; on the Genoa wheel the number 8 has been missing for 66 draws; on the Milan wheel the number 66 has been missing for 76 draws; on the Naples wheel the number 84 has been missing for 67 draws; on the Palermo wheel the number 47 has been missing for 124 draws; on the wheel of Rome the number 37 has been missing for 69 draws; on the Turin wheel the number 89 has been missing for 114 draws; on the wheel of Venice the number 48 has been missing for 128 draws; on the National wheel the number 65 has been missing for 59 draws.

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