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Extraordinary school competition ter, there will be a reservation of places: here's who for

For the extraordinary ter school competition, the announcement of which is expected in the autumn, there will be a reserve quota for places.
But for whom will the reserve quota for places in the extraordinary school competition ter be provided? The reservation of 30% of the places in the ranking of the 2023 school competition, which according to the first previews will only have winners and not suitable ones, will only concern teachers with certain requirements and which mainly concern the years of service completed, therefore determining a sort of advantage for precarious workers.
The extraordinary ter will be one of the two school competitions which, according to what was anticipated by the Ministry of Education and merit and the trade unions, will be carried out between the end of 2023 and 2024 with the old access requirements, before becoming fully operational from January 2025 of the new teacher recruitment system.
The new system, we remember, provides qualifying paths for access to school competitions which will be annual.
So let's see what it means that there will be a reservation of places in the next extraordinary school competition ter and for whom.
Extraordinary ter school competition: reservation of places for those who have the service The ranking of the next extraordinary ter school competition could include, according to previews from, a 30% reservation of places for teachers who have at least three years of service, even non-consecutive, in the last ten.
The rules for defining reserved seats are as follows: the percentage is calculated by rounding down; the reservation can be applied if there are at least four positions advertised for each region, competition class and type of position (common or support position).
At the end of the school competition, the merit ranking of the winners is drawn up taking into account the final score given by the sum of the scores of the individual tests and the qualifications.
If a candidate does not immediately appear in the ranking, he/she could enter it at a later time for the evaluation of the service qualification, thus accessing the reserve quota, or by sliding due to withdrawals by one or more candidates.
read also Extraordinary school competition 2023 without pre-selection: here are the tests Extraordinary school competition ter: ranking only for winners We do not have the mathematical certainty that there will be a reserve quota since the notice of the school competition ter has not yet been published in the Official Journal .
We are not even sure that the ranking of the extraordinary ter school competition will be only for the winners although these have been the previews in this regard.
Those who pass the soon-to-be-issued school competition should enter the merit ranking exclusively as a winner, meaning that it is only valid until all available places are filled and therefore they will not be eligible.
Whoever passes the tests as eligible and not as a winner, therefore, is not in a useful position in the ranking to fill the available places, will not obtain the qualification and may possibly be included among the winners only following renunciations by other candidates winners.
The rankings of the next school competitions, according to the new rules linked to the Pnrr, should be valid for one year and expire upon completion of the next competition.
We remind you that the objective of the Mim is to carry out one competition per year on a regional basis, taking into account the needs for types of places and competition classes.
For confirmations, as usual, it is necessary to wait for the official announcement of the school competition.
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