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2023/2024 school competitions, places are increasing: news from the ministry

The 2023/2024 school competitions could be announced with an increase in places compared to what has been announced to date by the Ministry of Education and Merit.
This is an innovation that would concern the announcement of the extraordinary school competition ter expected in autumn and the announcement of spring 2024, both designed for the transitional phase towards the new teacher recruitment system before its entry into force from 1 January 2025.
last September 9th, in fact, the decree appeared in the Official Journal, signed by the ministers of Economy and Public Administration, which authorizes the Mim to start school competitions for the 2023/2024 school year for a total of 30,216, thus divided: 21,101 on common place and 9,115 on support place.
The 30,000 places in the upcoming school competitions could now reach 45,000; the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in fact, is reportedly examining the possibility of an increase.
The details according to the first previews.
2023/2024 school competitions: places increase up to 45 thousand units.
The number of places in the next 2023/2024 school competitions should reach around 45 thousand according to what anticipates, the first of which is expected shortly, in autumn.
The European Commission recently gave the go-ahead to the decrees governing teacher recruitment mechanisms, where 30,000 places had already been authorized for common positions and support positions, for all school levels and levels, from nursery school to secondary school.
second degree.
Now the Ministry of Economy is apparently considering the opportunity to increase those positions with an increase that could range from 10 to 15 thousand units, thus reaching over 45 thousand positions for the new permanent hiring of educators, teachers and professors.
The ministries involved could therefore authorize the Mim to increase the positions resulting from the failure to cover available chairs in the summer of 2023.
These are chairs, we remind you, which are covered by the school's temporary workers, the teachers included in the provincial rankings of substitutes and who get annual contracts on June 30th or August 31st.
The places that will be added to those already authorized should also be divided by type of places and order and level of education.
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Teachers or aspirants who have a valid qualification for access to the specific competition class and: qualification; 24 ECTS (University training credits) in atropo-psycho-pedagogical disciplines and in teaching methodologies and technologies achieved by 31 October 2022; 3 years of service, even non-continuous, in the last 5 years.
ITPs will be able to access it with the diploma.
For support positions it will be necessary to have a specialization qualification and they may be able to participate, but there is still no certainty in this regard, with the exception of those who are attending the VIII cycle of Tfa support.
The requirements for the 2024 school competition, the announcement of which is expected in the spring, are the same as those listed above plus the 30 CFU qualifying course as a requirement.
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