Pay slip 2024, definitive salary increase for those who work in these sectors

As is known, if salaries increase in 2024 – and as we have already had the opportunity to explain, not by much – it is mostly thanks to the decisions taken in the budget law with which the government intervened directly to reduce the tax wedge, i.e.
the difference that there is between the gross and net salary.
A procedure that has been repeated for a few years now but cannot be like this indefinitely: there will come a time, for example, when the State will be unable to maintain the contribution relief which alone costs 10 billion euros.
Which among other things may not be very far away: already with the next budget, in fact, it will not be possible to resort to the extra trade deficit to finance measures such as the current paycheck bonus, limiting the possibilities for intervention even further.
The time will come, therefore, when companies will have to pay for the salary increases.
On the other hand, there are several collective agreements that have currently expired, on which it will inevitably be necessary to intervene as soon as possible to adapt wages to the new cost of living.
In this regard, there are several sectors in which we are starting to talk about contract renewal, complete with figures: an important appointment since in this case the increase will be definitive and unrelated to any decision that this and other governments could take in the future .
New public administration contract 8 billion euros have been allocated for the renewal of the public administration contract, of which 3 are already available for this year and 5 for next.
A figure which, as explained by the Minister of the Civil Service, Paolo Zangrillo, should allow the government to authorize a 5.78% increase in the standard salary, guaranteeing an increase that varies between 180 and 190 average and gross euros for those over 3 millions of public employees employed in Italy.
However, this year the increase should only concern workers in the Defense, Security and Public Rescue sectors, the Law Enforcement agencies so to speak, for whom the renewal platform will be launched in the next few weeks, just enough time to allow the formal transition from representation to the union which will concern the Armed Forces.
For everyone else, however, the risk is that the agreement will be postponed to the beginning of 2025.
read also Salary increase for public employees, renewal figures official New Italian Post Office contract Around 120 thousand workers could benefit from a monstrous increase: this is those who are employed in Poste Italiane, for whom the negotiation table for renewal for the three-year period 2024-2026 is about to begin.
For them, the unions – who oppose any possibility of privatization – will come to the table with a request for an increase of 260 euros on average and gross, as well as a reduction in working hours, new ways of worker participation and the improvement of welfare.
It is still early, since the discussion has yet to begin, to know what the company's reaction will be, although history teaches us that an agreement on the union proposal is unlikely to be reached.
read also Salary increased by 260 euros for those who work in this large Italian company New contract in the trade and tertiary sector A sector for which it will be necessary to reach a renewal of contracts as soon as possible is that of the trade and tertiary sectors.
Workers and unions, in fact, are not willing to wait any longer, so much so that last December a strike organized by the most representative trade unions was proclaimed.
The renewal will have to concern the four most widespread contracts, those signed with the employers' associations Confcommercio, Federdistribuzione, Confesercenti and Coop: all of which expired in 2019, although an intermediate agreement was reached last year with which a one-off bonus was recognized of 350 euros plus a deposit on future increases of 30 euros per month.
A renewal that will have to concern 3.5 million workers, with the addition of the tourism sector, collective and commercial catering, travel agencies and spa agencies.
The workers, approximately 1.5 million, in tourism therefore, who share a long-expired contract with those employed in commerce (in this case 3 years), with still zero signs regarding the start of negotiations.

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