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Isee 2024, cars must be declared: how much they affect the value of the certificate

The ISEE 2024 also includes cars, as well as all other vehicles, that each member of the family unit owns on the date of submission of the application.
If you avoid including the vehicles in the DSU, you will make a false declaration and this could lead to administrative consequences, such as fines and penalties resulting from an incorrect ISEE.
It should be noted, also to reassure taxpayers, that vehicles do not affect the value of the certificate.
The obligation to also declare vehicles, of any type, in the ISEE was introduced in 2015 to identify the false poor by evaluating the standard of living of the family unit to compare it with what was declared in the DSU for the ISEE.
The aim is to identify all the rather ambiguous situations, especially in the period in which it was possible to ask for citizenship income which was not entitled to those who had purchased a new car registered for the first time 6 months ago or in any case with a large engine capacity (greater than 1.6 cc) registered for the first time in two years, much less to those who own boats.
In this way, therefore, the ISEE also helped to define the group of beneficiaries of the citizen's income even if, as we have said, the vehicles owned by the family do not influence the value of the ISEE.
ISEE 2024, cars must be declared Where to enter the car in the ISEE What to do if you have not declared the car FAQ for cars and ISEE 2024 Joint car Cars with foreign registration Cars for mixed use Cars sold during the previous year Where to enter the car in the ISEE In the ISEE 2024, vehicles with an engine capacity of 500 cc and above owned on the date of presentation of the DSU must be declared.
The data relating to the vehicle must be entered in panel FC6, indicating: the code corresponding to the type of vehicle: A = motor vehicle; M = motor vehicle; N = ship; I = pleasure craft, the license plate or registration details at the competent register (at the PRA) for cars and motorbikes and at the RID for ships or pleasure boats), for each vehicle to be declared.
There is no need to enter further details, such as engine size and registration date.
It should be reiterated that all vehicles, motorbikes and boats belonging to each member of the family unit must be indicated and not just the declarant.
What to do if you have not declared the car Failure to declare cars in the ISEE entails the loss of bonuses and benefits provided after the presentation of an incorrect ISEE, the application of high penalties of up to 25,822 euros and six months' imprisonment months to three years.
If the car has not been declared, it is necessary to proceed with the correction of the ISEE, presenting a new DSU or requesting the Caf that had handled the procedure by committing a clerical error to correct the DSU with retroactive effect.
Indicating the vehicles in the ISEE, as we have said, does not change their value.
It is true that if they are not indicated you are violating the law, but for an oversight there is a way to remedy it: in the event of an oversight it is possible to present a supplementary DSU within 10 days of issuing the ISEE certificate; Car FAQ and ISEE 2024 There may be specific cases in which the taxpayer may make a mistake and inadvertently omit the car declaration: Joint car If the car is jointly owned by the child and the parent and they have different residences, the data relating to the vehicle must be included in the ISEE of each of them.
If one of the two owners fails to declare in their DSU that they are the owner of a vehicle, they risk sending an incorrect ISEE and subject to sanctions.
Car with foreign license plate The car with foreign license plate registered to a resident of the Italian State must be indicated in the FC6 section of the ISEE.
Cars for mixed use A company vehicle for mixed use does not have to be declared in part FC6 if it is indicated among the company's assets (part FC2).
Car sold during the previous year.
Only vehicles owned on the date of presentation of the DSU must be declared in the 2024 ISEE and not those owned in the previous year.
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